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Top 10 Romantic Places in Los Angeles for a Perfect Date

Reasons Why We Love Los Angeles

Los Angeles is for lovers. Don’t believe me? Somewhere between the horrible traffic and smug celebrities, you can find romance. You just have to know where to look. Here are 10 amazing and romantic places in Los Angeles, perfect for any date whether it’s your first one or your last one being single!

Griffith Observatory

The first on the list is a classic. This iconic LA landmark, featured also as the first date spot for Mia and Sebastian in La La Land, is the epitome of romance in Los Angeles. Filled with history, the Griffith Observatory is perfect for any date, even if you’re not really into space. Take your date up at sunset to enjoy the pastel hues or the sparkling downtown scene and finish the date with some awe-inspiring science should you feel so inclined.

Cinespia Hollywood Forever Cemetery

It might seem a little creepy, but isn’t that what makes it so romantic? Hiding into your date’s chest out of gleeful fear? Though this may only be held during a certain time of the year, it’s definitely a way to see some great movies, enjoy the LA culture and have a night of romance you’ll never forget.

Getty Villa

The Getty Museum’s smaller and Italian-inspired museum is the perfect day date for any couple. Whisk your way up the side of the Santa Monica mountains, where you’ll first be greeted to panoramic views of Malibu. Once inside the villa, you can enjoy the fine art collection inside the museum, the stunning architecture, and most importantly, the gardens. This is probably the most romantic part of the villa (and the most photographed).

El Matador Beach

Looking for a (mostly) secluded beach for a long, romantic stroll or a perfect place for a sunrise/sunset proposal? El Matador Beach is one of LA’s most beautiful beaches, just about one hour north of Santa Monica in Malibu. Since it is a famous beach, sometimes there’s a lot of video or photography shoots going on so make sure you go at a good time to get the chance to have the beach to yourself. 

The Swan Ride in Long Beach

The city of Long Beach isn’t the most romantic, but the water certainly is. Here in Long Beach, you can go on a sailing trip, stay on the Queen Mary, walk along the pier, or even take a cruise abroad if you feel so inclined! Our favorite activity is riding the Rainbow Lagoon Swan Boats by Wheel Fun Rentals. It is located at Rainbow Lagoon Park, and if you do it at night (which we highly recommend), the lights glimmer on the water, which makes for a very romantic date.

Photo Courtesy of Wheel Fun Rentals

Santa Monica Pier

Santa Monica might be a bit of a tourist trap, but for good reason. The view is spectacular, the location is splendid and the activities are super fun! Take a sunset stroll along the pier or enjoy the carnival rides at Pacific Park. Whatever you decide to do, you’ll feel the sparks fly.

Inn of the Seventh Ray

Hidden deep in Topanga Canyon is a local gem known as Inn of the Seventh Ray. Lovers find this place so romantic, it can even be held as a wedding venue (and a place for many to become engaged)! This sacred space is now a romantic getaway amongst LA’s hippie community, where you can enjoy local and organic food as you sit in a quaint garden with twinkling lights overhead.

The Little Door

Another romantic restaurant perfect to retreat into your love is the Little Door. This intimate French restaurant is the perfect spot for getting cozy. Seating outside is magical and romantic while seating indoors is secluded and homey. This will soon become your go-to romantic restaurant in all of Los Angeles.

Pantages Theatre

There’s something old school and romantic about going out for a night on broadway. Located in the heart of Hollywood is the famous Pantages, built in June 1930. Its history is as impressive as its shows and a perfect way to impress your date. Whether you’re snagging hard-to-get Hamilton tickets or acclaimed classics, a night out celebrating the arts is enough to create some serious heart eyes.

Dodger Stadium

If sappy love spots aren’t really your thing, a Dodger game will surely suit your needs. In fact, this is where I went on my first date with my husband! It’s a great place to go for first dates and fiftieth dates alike, as you can enjoy the game if you can’t think up any small talk.

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