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A Love Letter to LA: 44 Reasons Why We Love Los Angeles

Reasons Why We Love Los Angeles

We don’t know about you, but we love LA. Yes, Los Angeles has its ups and downs, but since we chose to be here, we might as well love it. We’ve spoken to many people about their LA story – why they’re here, who or what they moved here for, and how they ended up in this amazing city. So we decided to compile a gigantic list just in time for Valentine’s Day as a love letter to the city we all call home. Here’s 99 Reasons why we love Los Angeles!

1. “I love Los Angeles, because it is my home. No matter where I travel to, I always miss LA because I love my life here. I love having the option to be at the beach, desert or the mountains. There are infinite options for things to do do, places to eat and people to meet.” ~ Gwen Lane, Founder of The LA Girl & Elegant Blogger

2. “LA physically represents the “meting pot” ideal of America, where you can walk the streets and experience so many cultures living harmoniously side by side. It’s the wide diversity that makes it so special. There’s no better place to be to feel you have a place you belong!” ~ Jo Siddiqui, A Happy Blog

3. “I love the Santa Monica mountains and how I can drive out of the concrete jungle of Hollywood and be at dozens of bucolic trails as soon as 20 minutes.” ~ Alexandra Paul, Baywatch Actress + Fitness Coach 

4. “I love LA for the incredible opportunities it offers for artists and creative people to advance their art and make a living at the same time!” ~Leigh de Vries, Multimedia artist and Musician

5. “I love LA because the scene here appreciates so many types of musicians and offers so many amazing opportunities for all kinds of people.” ~ Abby Posner, Singer/Songwriter + Leader of Abby and the Myth

6. “We love Los Angeles because it is one of only a handful of cities in the world where we can assemble 67 world-class musicians fluent in jazz and classical music for our unique Symphonic Jazz Orchestra. LA has given us 15 incredible years of support, and we also get to share our love of music with almost 4,000 students in LA area schools each week!” ~ Mitch Glickman, Musical Director of the Symphonic Jazz Orchestra

7. “I love LA because the people here are sophisticated enough to appreciate really  experimental music and we have great venues for jazz.” ~Dean De Benedictis, leader of The Stratos Ensemble

8. “I love L.A. because it’s the fitness capital of the world! Every workout trend starts here and Angelenos are willing to try them all in their quest to further their fitness journey!” ~ Sebastien Lagree, Celebrity trainer + Creator of The Lagree Fitness Method and Megaformer / Supra machines

9. “Los Angeles is a community of meaningful innovation. We love building and developing teams with founders who are passionate about clean tech, hardware, and sustainable transportation.” ~ Marissa Peretz, Founder of Silicon Beach Talent

10. “I love the creativity of LA! From live music & comedy to crazy tacos & hidden speakeasies, Angelenos are making stuff happen. There is quite literally always something new to experience, and it’s inspiring.”  ~ Courtney Cowan, Owner of Milk Jar Cookies

Reasons Why We Love Los Angeles

11. “Los Angeles is fabulous for it’s weather, being 45 minutes away from snow, the ocean and wine countries as well as attracting unique people from all over the world. You never know who you’re going to run into or strike up a relationship with!” ~ Rayne Parvis, Certified Style Coach™

12. “I love L.A, I’m a native son and I wouldn’t live anywhere else. I love L.A.’s palm trees, the “royal palms” located in front of 5670 Wilshire are my favorite. I love owning a cafe in our small Miracle Mile community. L.A. has the best small neighborhood pockets, you feel like everyone knows your name in the heart of a huge city. Nothing better than that!”  ~ Brad Gold – Owner, Black Dog Coffee

13. “Coming from Ireland, the tall palm trees and perfect sunsets never cease to give me goosebumps.” – Victoria O’Brien, Owner of Maud’s of Beverly Hills

14. “You never know who will pop in when you go out to see the BEST live comedy in the world. Maybe Dave Chappelle will drop in. Maybe you’ll see Kevin Hart or Chris Rock. Maybe Jerry Seinfeld or Drew Carey. They’re always around and stopping by LA comedy clubs.” ~ Claire Armstrong, SharmStrong Entertainment 

15. “I love LA for its amazing wine scene! As a local business owner, I can say that there are so many wine shops and sommeliers in this city to get excited about. Some of my favorite wine lists in town are at Esters, Chez Tex, Wally’s and Republique.” ~Erin Vaughen, Vinley Market

16. “We love Los Angeles for its cutting edge fashion and style. New York and Milan might get the press coverage, but there’s no better creative outlet than LA. Take a walk down the street; you’ll see 100 different styles that you’ve never thought of.” ~ Leon Rbibo, President of The Pearl Source

17. “What is truly amazing about Los Angeles is the obsession with healthy lifestyle and opportunities to live it that way. There are yoga, pilates and workout studios virtually on every block. LA is an early morning town – hardly any restaurant is open past 10pm, even on weekends. But we have incredible opportunities to start early in the morning, when we hike, surf or simply meditate on our balconies and backyards in beautiful weather.” ~ Biba de Sousa, Licensed Esthetician and Owner of Biba West Hollywood 

18. “The Gardens at The Huntington in San Marino is a best-kept secret I’m willing to share because everyone can benefit from slowing down their day to explore 120 acres of beautiful landscape and flowers and the most amazing view of the city.   Even better to share the experience with your special love, as I often do.” ~ Charlie Kaplan, Sculptor 

19. “I love LA because you can be on a trailhead, out of the city, in 15 minutes. You can escape the craziness of the city to be with nature and but you don’t have to sacrifice your precious time! Work a regular job, go on a hike, meet your friends for dinner. You can truly have it all in LA.” ~ Meredith Dewalt

20. “What I love most about Los Angeles is that I can easily access, visit, and immerse myself in several different cultural areas within a relatively short distance – Chinatown, Little Ethiopia, Olvera Street, and the list goes on. And not to mention the incredible and seemingly authentic food in each place. It’s really a special city.” ~ Ashley Briskman

Reasons Why We Love Los Angeles

21. “Where you can attend a group hike and meet women who grew up in 10 different states. On the contrary, Los Angeles is the place where you can literally move here from a small town 3,000 miles away and still find someone who knew your mother’s brother’s wife from back home.” ~ Sharron McBride, Founder of Girls Who Hike LA

22. “I love Los Angeles because it’s a melting pot. You can meet people and experience things influenced by every country in the world. As much as I love to wander around the world, I don’t have to step on a plane to experience food and culture from a country. I can wander around DTLA and find AUTHENTIC people and restaurants (Indian, Middle Eastern, Ethiopian, Mexican, French, and the list goes on and on!)” ~ Lizette Vargas, DTLA Wanderer

23. “I love Los Angeles because of its accessibility of international food, it’s a global village,  the snow or Ocean is an easy car drive, its proximity to Catalina Island and brilliant entertainment.” ~ Karen Elaine, YogaMusic.me

24. “I’ve never experienced another city in which there is a greater sense of possibility to find yourself and evolve without limits. From mail room intern to studio exec or from studio exec to yoga teacher. It’s your journey. Choose your own adventure.” ~ Natalie Baack, The Curvy Confidence Coach<

25. “I love LA because it’s a city that is like a blank canvas that you can be what you make it to be. And what I miss about LA the most is the diversity this city holds with hope and pride!” ~ Alice Li

26. “Los Angeles is a city for everyone! Love art? Check out the Broad, LACMA, or MOCA. Want some Sun? Then Malibu, Santa Monica and Venice are waiting. From world-class chefs to local watering holes LA has some delicious eats, and when it comes to shopping, there is everything from chic boutiques to incredible markets, and local makers. Of course, if movies and TV are your thing then check out a studio or go to a series taping. So much to do, so little time.” ~ 

27. “In the winter, I can choose to go snowboarding or surfing. Both are just a short drive!” ~ Mary Lisa 

28. “I love L.A. for all its abundance of local hiking trails it offers & that we get to explore often.” ~ Jennie Ceniceros 

29.”I love LA for a hundred reasons, but I love how dog friendly this city is. I think it makes us happier people to have pets as part of our city life!” ~ Anna Marie Arredondo

30. “I love LA because of it’s diversity. I love that it’s full of movers and shakers that are constantly inspiring me. LA has amazing food, and when friends come to visit, there is never a shortage of things to do. I love that I can be hustling in the city at one moment, and then decide to take a trip to the beach in the next. I also love Los Angeles because it’s where I made my dreams come true.” ~ Jenna Gilmore

Reasons Why We Love Los Angeles

31. “I love LA because, unlike when living in South FL, the highest point is not a landfill, but mountains or trails that you can climb. Can’t forget the abundance of food trucks, pop-up art galleries, and an unparalleled music scene (at least, in comparison to anywhere else in the US). It’s also surreal being surrounded by so many like-minded creatives in all industries. ~ Courtney Young

32. “I love the mixed terrain of LA. You can see tall buildings, mountains, and palm trees all in one shot.” ~ Summer Brock 

33. “I love LA because you always know which street taco or food truck is best by how long the line is. You don’t have to go inside or check reviews, just get in line. – Taylor Martinez 

34. “I love LA because there is always something new to do. There’s always a new place, opportunity, or activity. Especially because it is one of the most cultured places in the world with people, art, food and dreams. I just had amazing greek food at Papa Cristos in KTown and there were belly dancers.” ~ Dara Danen 

35. “I love LA for the amazing food and the people. It’s defiantly the only place that you see babes in ball gowns at In-N-out on a Sunday night after an awards show.” ~ Arianna Chaylene Blean

36. “I love Los Angeles for the diversity, the food (of course), and the Hollywood nightlife! There’s so many opportunities and friendly people everywhere you go. It’s easy out here to make a friend of two whether it’s at a little cafe or even at a bar. And let’s not mention, everything is so near one another!!” ~ Orit Metusal

37. “I love Los Angeles because every day, I believe as many as six impossible things before breakfast. And guess what? They are all actually possible here.” ~ Suzie Asmar Strong

38. “I love LA because it’s a melting pot of cultures which makes everyday a fun learning experience. Also, where else can you visit Sleeping Beauty’s castle, Hogwarts, and beautiful beaches all within 24 hours? I’ve done it!” ~ Shelby Young

39. “I love LA for so many reasons, but mostly for the countless fun things to do and endless opportunities. I also love that people here are so friendly and truly want to know you and your story.” ~ Amanda Ogen 

40. “We’ve got Harry Potter World and we’re less than an hour from Disneyland.” ~ Ariel Myren

Reasons Why We Love Los Angeles

41. “The best thing about LA is how vastly diverse this city is. Being raised here has taught me to be so appreciative of all backgrounds and different ways of life.” ~ Kait Eldred

42. “I love how progressive LA is in the health and wellness industry with mindfulness, yoga, wellness retreats, eastern medicine, farmers markets, community gardens, health coaching, and exercise. I love that there are seemingly endless opportunities connecting with people who have common interests through groups, communities and experiences.” ~ Val Perea, CEO & Founder of Paradigm Shift Wellness

43. “We have incredibly good vegan restaurants all over LA: Crossroads Kitchen, Plant Food and Wine, Cafe Gratitude, Gracias Madre, Little Pine, Rahel’s Ethiopian Restaurant, Real Food Daily, Araya’s Place, Shojin – just to name a few.” ~ Carolin Baier 

44. “There are many places to hike. Griffith Observatory during a sunset is my favorite.” ~ Piera Maria

We originally wanted this article to have 99 reasons, but we were only able to gather 44. If you would like to add your quote, please comment below or tweet us with your blurb, full name and link!