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Meet Rachel McCord, Author of Slay the Fame Game

rachel mccord slay the fame game interview

Rachel McCord, author of Slay the Fame Game would like you to know that she is not famous.

From her humble beginnings in the trailer parks of Georgia to the glamour of Hollywood parties, she has worked her way through the ranks of becoming a renowned influencer, model, and speaker.

While it seems like she may have created the perfect life, Rachel proudly announces that she’s not perfect, but she works hard and is accomplishing her goals. With a little tenacity, creativity, and guidance from Rachel, she knows that you can slay your goals too!

I was so happy to be able to interview Rachel McCord to discuss her new book on her interview show at FocusTV. I loved talking to Rachel about her journey and how she’s inspiring girls of all ages.

Check out the interview below to get to know Rachel and hear her talk about:

  • Her unique creative process when writing her book
  • What her goal was when launching her brand the McCord List
  • Why she kisses each and every single copy of her book
  • How to take charge of your social media instead of letting it take charge of you
  • What brought her to Los Angeles
  • How she found her community within LA (and how sometimes if what you need isn’t out there, you have to create it yourself!)
  • What it was like to be featured in huge publications like Forbes, Vogue, and People magazine
  • How she’s not perfect, but that’s ok

As a special sneak peek, Rachel shares with us her top three tips for slaying the fame game:

  1. Believe in yourself – release your doubt and thoughts of ‘can I really do this?’ because you can!
  2. Build your brand and stick to it
  3. Have a supportive community around you

Learn more about Rachel and get her incredible new book Slay the Fame Game and keep up with her on Instagram.