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A Paranormal Investigator’s Guide to LA

A Paranormal Investigator's Guide to LA: Santa Monica Pier Carousel

It’s time to get spooky! LA is probably one of the most haunted cities in the world! I’m not an expert on all things ghostly so I reached out to Zach and Candace Fahey of Haunted Santa Monica Ghost Tours to get the inside spook for this paranormal investigator’s guide to LA.

This guide isn’t just for investigators but also for those who enjoy stories of haunts and paranormal encounters. I personally love horror films, but I’m not sure if I would go poking around in any of these Los Angeles haunt spots.

Here’s what Zach and Candace had to say:

If you have ever visited or lived in LA you can probably attest that this place is a vortex of energy, supernatural energy.  As such, it is one of the most haunted cities in the world.  I want to briefly share a few of the most famous and powerfully haunted locations, read on if you dare.

Hollywood Hotel Haunting

Perhaps you’ve heard of the Roosevelt Hotel which has been in operation and very popular since 1927.  It supposedly has several permanent residents.  For instance supposedly old-time movies star Montgomery Cliff is still practicing his lines for “From Here to Eternity,” a fitting title wouldn’t you say?  There are also lost spirits of children still searching for their parents and many others.


However when it comes to unnatural notoriety this hotel is home to the spirit of one of the most famous stars in history, Marilyn Monroe. There’s a mirror that Marilyn has appeared in to hotel guests.  Although not just anyone can come gaze in the mirror any longer. Hotel management has done something with it that they’re tight lipped about.  And the entire staff has been instructed to say that the mirror is “in storage” but the truth is hidden.

Hollywood Sign Ghost Hiker

If you head up to the world famous Hollywood sign you may get some unexpected company on your hike because it is haunted too by actress Peg Entwistle. Her scene was cut from a movie in the 30’s so she jumped off the 45 foot tall “H” in 1932. Now joggers in Griffith park see her.  Usually she appears after the scent of her favorite perfume, which smelled like gardenias, has wafted past an unsuspecting hiker.


A real life haunted house

The most haunted house in LA county is by far the David Oman house in Beverly Hills.  Located just down the street from the site of where Sharon Tate was murdered at the hands of the Manson family and located directly on the site of a native american burial ground this house is incredibly active with many spirits. There are three levels of haunts at this creepy domicile.  David Oman still lives here with his supernatural roomies and he even hosts public events where you can see first hand what happens here.  During his events David provides food and drink as well as an array of ghost hunting gadgets as well as 19 cameras to catch the various phenomena that have run rampant in his home.  Are you brave enough to attend a lock-in event there?

The paranormal pier

Visiting all the haunted locations in LA would require quite a bit of time so, if you want multiple spooks in a short time and with less travel then check out “Haunted Santa Monica Ghost Tours” which takes you to where the paranormal runs wild down the historical Santa Monica Pier and around the bluffs overlooking Santa Monica Bay. 

Santa Monica has perhaps the highest concentration of spirits, likely due to its history of violence and mysterious deaths. The ghostly phenomena includes: a carousel that comes to life by itself, an arcade who’s creator has never left even after death, one hundred spirits trapped in a hotel, and more specters and apparitions than we can fit in this post.  To highlight these hauntings, my wife and I went out and collected freaky facts, spooky lore, and some down right chilling eyewitness accounts.  

If you’re not spooked yet by this paranormal investigator’s guide to LA, I invite you to experience it in person. Check out the Haunted Santa Monica Ghost Tours run by Zach and Candace Fahey.

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