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The Most Luxe Boutique Hotel in Palm Springs: The Cole by Sonder

It’s the question that comes up for basically EVERY spring breaker and Coachella festival goer…where are we going to stay?? Yup, finding luxe but accessible accommodations in Palm Springs can sometimes be a major “needle in a haystack” type of situation, but guess what babes, we just discovered a hidden gem in the desert (maybe not for long, since were letting the cat out of the bag, lol)  that will be our ultimate retreat from all the fist bumping and dancing were about to do at Coachella. Keep scrolling to see the best boutique hotel in Palm Springs to stay at for a mini vacation or if you’re going to Coachella (thinking we should book now) during Weekend 1 or Weekend 2. You’re welcome!

Swaying palm trees. Endless sunshine. And brilliant mountain views. It’s all you ever want in a home away from home for a Palm Springs weekend. The Cole powered by Sonder is unlike any other hotel you’ve ever been to. First off, a little 101 on Sonder. It’s literally the future of hospitality. I mean it says it right on ther homepage. But it really is. Check this, booking and arriving to your destination is all done through their app, through your smart phone. This eliminates having to spend that extra 10 minutes of small talk at concierge because we all know out time valuable ladies and yeah those extra minutes add up. Every detail, amenity and instructions on how to get into your room will be perfectly packaged in a digital one sheet (through their app) upon your arrival. Most doors are keyless and have a digital code to get into the room. Oh the rooms. Let’s just say Sonder knows style.

Sonder has stays in so many parts of the world. London, Dublin, Rome, Paris, Madrid, Mexico…the list goes on. Stateside they can be found in over 20 cities – LA an NY – have multiple listings, and they curate their rooms to express the energy of the city they’re in. We’ve recently visited their brand new Laguna Beach location at Woods Cove and let’s just say they hit all the major boho beach vibes. Each of their buildings celebrates what’s special about the city they’re in and they furnish each room with class and modernity. You’ll want to post your hotel bed on the IG feed for sure. I bet you’re wondering about extra towels right? Would you be surprised if we told you they can be found in the app…haha yup,  we’re not surprised either. Tap for towels, they’ll be at your doorstep in minutes. And it takes only a few minutes (ok maybe like 30) to get from festival grounds to this super luxe Sonder stay found in the heart of Palm Springs.

Looking outside in – The Cole – located at 2323 N Palm Canyon Dr –  is quintessential Palm Springs. From the colorful sign that welcomes you in to the see-thru bricks that surround the property. Desert succulents and cactuses decorate the outdoor space along with splashes of yellow, orange and blue. As you walk toward your room you’ll see a common area for working or lounging or dining. The property does have a restaurant on-site: Freddie’s Kitchen. Here, guests can grab a quick brekkie before heading out to Coachella. You’ll also walk by the  relaxing pool, where you can tan or sip on a delicious cocktail ( while tanning of course) at the bar. As you enter your room, feel free to let out a big ahhh! Not only will you feel the brisk cool air of the air conditioning (each room has it), you’ll see contemporary modern furniture decorate the space, a huge TV, clean bathroom, a gorgeous window to let in the desert light, and of course a big, comfy, relaxing bed. Some of the rooms even come with balcony’s and en-suite coffee bar (our fav!). 


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Yup, Coachella becomes a must -do when you book got digs like these. Parking is easy too. Just add on $15 a night for a reserved spot on the property and you are golden…like Harry Styles golden.

So you’ve got your stay locked in for Coachella or a desert weekend getaway, now fill the closet with our trendy fashion guide.