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Our 3 Favorite Influencer Collaborations This Summer (2022)

Summer has to be everyone’s favorite season, right?! Now that it’s coming to an end, we’re sharing  3 of our favorite influencer collaborations we’ve been fangirling about and the awesome products we’ve been addicted to ever since! Follow along to discover what a few of our fav influencers have been up to.

Stef Corgel – Sporti x Stef Corgel Swimsuit Collection

The sun is out, waves are crashing, what more could you possibly need? Possibly a darling swimsuit to complete your OOTD? Lucky for us, Stef Corgel collaborated with Sporti this summer to curate a collection of active swimwear fit for her extremely active lifestyle. She is a professional athlete, fitness model, and social media influencer, but overall inspiration for her followers. With a wide variety of fittings, colors, and fabric, this collection is not only adorable but also fit for comfortability while doing the activities you adore. We had the opportunity to meet Stef Corgel at a fabulous brunch in Manhattan Beach to discuss what this swimsuit collection meant to her and how it aligns with her active lifestyle. Here at The LA Girl, we live and breathe fashion (everyone knows this), but we never want to sacrifice our comfort, especially when doing outdoor activities. With Stef Corgel’s newest swimsuit collection, you don’t have to! Try wearing the pieces with jeans or under an oversized hoodie. Our LA Girl Pick is the Sporti x Stef Corgel Playa Textured Sport Bikini Top & Bottomwhich had us feeling confident and radiant throughout these past summer months. Find a suit that fits you and your personal needs here!

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Hailee Steinfeld – Core Hydration

Summertime= hot weather, sweating, and sometimes even dehydration! Although the summer months are coming to a close, lucky for us Californians, the summer heat is still around therefore swimming and surfing can continue on into the Fall seasons. With that being said, it’s important to stay consistent with your water intake during these times. Well, that may feel a little bit easier to do when you see one of your favorite actresses, singers, and star, Hailee Steinfeld, working with Core Hydration. This past summer, the LA Girl team saw this fabulous collaboration firsthand at an event in Malibu, California, filled with all things wellness (Yay!). Yoga, meditation, healthy snacks like vegan yogurt parfaits, and yes, you guessed it, plenty of Core Hydration water bottles flooding the event space. The best part of all, Hailee Steinfeld was present to discuss why she felt so aligned with Core Hydration and what staying active means to her and her mental health. Participating in workouts and activities that you love is so important for your mind and body, but staying hydrated is just as important. Leave it to Core Hydration to boost you with that perfectly balanced pH of approximately 7.4pH.

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Indy Blue – Connect

She’s a social media influencer, a public figure, and also heavily known for being a co-founder of Lonely Ghost, a truly remarkable and meaningful clothing brand. This summer, Indy Blue dropped a collection called Connect, which is themed around connection, and what that word means to her. As someone who founded the brand but also feels so tightly connected with it, this newest drop only felt right. Indy describes herself as a connector, someone who has brought a wide variety of followers together, whether it’s for her internet personality, her line of hoodies, or maybe a little bit of both! Our Editor-in-Chief, Erika De La Cruz, met this phenomenal woman at her Connect Collection drop event this summer and now understands everyone’s love for Indy Blue and why this line fits her brand so well. Check out the variety of hoodies, shirts, and other apparel that have empowering words and meanings on them that Lonely Ghost has to offer. 

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