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New Upscale, Venice Hot Spot: Pier House

Yup, what you read is true! Venice Beach is now home to a new, swanky hotspot for everyone to go and enjoy. Pier House is located at 7 Washington Blvd, Venice, directly across from a Venice staple, The Whaler, though both have vastly different atmospheres. The Whaler screams grab a beer on a Friday afternoon, while Pier House has a more upscale environment filled with fireside conversations. This previous beachfront shack has now transformed into the “all-new vintage-inspired” Pier House we get to enjoy today. With a beachfront location and a desire to use locally sourced ingredients, you can appreciate a cocktail and fresh seafood dinner while feeling like a Venice local. If you are looking for a beach town favorite but still want the classy vibes, Pier House will fulfill your needs.

Socialities and influencers joined co-owners Mike Dobson and Eric Beranek as they welcomed everyone to their newly re-opened space. Whether you’re a Venice local or traveling around LA for the week, pop into Pier House to experience their new dishes and signature cocktails that evolved from this significant transformation. With a kind staff and highly experienced Executive Chef, it feels welcoming and “homey” with the tastes of the sea. The biggest bonus is the amount of parking available in their lot (Yes, parking in Los Angeles… a crazy concept!), so there is no need to waste time searching for street parking, for just a few bucks you can head directly into the beach lot. Dine-in on their wrap-around terrace & view their open kitchen to watch the magic happens.

Editor-in-Chief, Erika De La Cruz, dined in at the Pier House this past week to see all the excitement. Let’s just say, don’t be surprised if you spot her in there again soon because that’s how much she enjoyed the entire experience. From the beachy chic ambiance to the delicious food and drinks, she discovered it was the new hot spot for a cocktail hour, family dinner, or treating yourself. The Honeydew Pot De Crème was a showstopper, which compared to no other dish she’d ever had before. For our vegetarian readers, the options are limited, but the Humus was off the charts!

The menu is filled with various hand-picked food favorites, and you are sure to go home full. With categories like Chilled Seafood, Getting Started, The Main Event, Pair With…, and Sweet Tooth?, Pier House has created a fun way to find just what your tastebuds need. Oyster Shooters, Thai Ceviche, Honeydew Pot De Crème, and of course, a Sailor’s Delight cocktail were just a few of the many things that caught our eyes. Ask your Pier House server for their absolute favorite items to be one step closer to finding your go-to beachfront meal. You’ll be greeted with a smile by the Host as you walk through the door and are sure to leave with a smile on your own face and a full belly. Enjoy!

Not only are the outdoor views gorgeous, but the inside interior is also quite appealing! The renovation turned this previously historical Venice shack into a vintage vibe hot spot of a restaurant. From the time you walk through the door to the last bite of your yummy dessert, Pier House is filled with plenty of photo-op moments. Whether it’s a photo of yourself with their fabulous decorations or a picture of their cocktail creation, you will leave with plenty of “Instagrammable” shots. The terrace seating is remarkable, and when you are just steps from the beach, your photos are sure to have that beach town yet upscale chic feel.