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New Luxury Collection, Classic Six is Perfect Holiday Gift

A spirit of something special was amidst during the a Classic Six cocktail hour in the heart of Tribecca. This collection introduced pieces to keep forever, pair forever and use, timelessly. These are designs to know if words like Bergdorf Goodman or Saks 5th Avenue peak your interest! (Or the interest of a woman in your life, you love.)

It could be the fact I attended with my family, or the fact that the cocktail hour was crafted by female-founded Brene Whiskey,  whose founder Allison Parc, attended live and shared her story of not being taken seriously in a male-saturated industry every time she brought up her idea of a luxury french whiskey (whose laughing now boys.) The evening was about connection for me and saying “I care” to the women I love. I immediately thought: Christmas, Mothers Day, Valentines Day– these pieces might be my new go-to gift for the high powered women I know. I was excited to spend time with my cousin in the city. Together, examples that Mexican and luxury, are synonymous. Something the U.S. is catching up to now, but that we’ve been well aware of. 🙂

So, here’s a phrase to add to your style lingo tool kit- “New lines like Classic Six are up-leveling basic wardrobe staples for your closet.” The Capsule Collection aims to serve as a foundation for any wardrobe and I agree. The collection reminded me of staples from The Preppy Handbook (a book originally approached as humorous, but taken seriously by many in the budding sophisticated fashion years of the 80’s.) The fashion evolved into an entire global aesthetic!

Gallery: Courtesy of NYC: Irina LS