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Never Fully Dressed on Melrose Makes a Shopping Splash in LA

Just opened, beyond fresh, and hitting every style need for all us LA girlies…my friends, there is a new boutique on the Melrose Ave pavement that caters to every BODY! Never Fully Dressed, the international, sustainable brand that has been making women feel good from the outside in since 2009, has emerged onto the LA shopping scene, cementing their mark at 8406 Melrose Ave (right across from the Gucci store near Melrose Place). We’re surprised it took the brand a while to get here, but honestly, fashionably late, is always the best kind of arrival and you’ll see why when you visit the incredibly chic and vibrant LA store.

“I think I’ve always traveled so much, so I think that eclectic mix of all those travels, like color, texture, so that’s what we’ve tried to bring to a store,” says Lucy Aylen, Founder of Never Fully Dressed. “I like a mix of fabrics and again then replicating that within the store space as well.” The brand new Melrose Ave boutique is truly stunning!! We were able to chat with Lucy and get a first look of the entire shop at the LA grand opening where Mariachi’s welcomed guests in to browse NFD’s signature dresses, tops, denim and knits.

Lucy Aylen, Founder of Never Fully Dressed, at the new LA store on Melrose

First of all, you can’t miss this shop. Glitzy sequins surround the big windows and when you walk in mixes of rattan, raffia and natural textures are juxtaposed against gorgeous silks, sequins, vibrant palm tree prints, and beaded clutches. If you ask us (and since wedding season is happening right now), Never Fully Dressed is the perfect place to go shopping for a wedding guest fit that will have the bride talking about it tomorrow. “I think our sequins…the best quality sequin you can get. It’s insane. There is a stretch to it, its gorgeous”, says Lucy. But beyond the gorgeous sequined skirts and tops and the anytime of the day dresses, Lucy told us that there are some new pieces that you’ll want to get your hands on. “This year we have new product areas, gym, swim, and nightwear which all surprisingly, they all have done really well.”

You’ll be able to find all these items in the boutique too! I mean this bathing suit alone will get us out of the office to try on in their spacious fitting rooms. There is also a seating area and two full walls of their latest collection to shop through. The best part about shopping at Never Fully Dressed is that the store is stocked with US sizes 2-24, so anyone is guaranteed to find something to bring home and wear forever! “Thats the joy for me, like how boring for me to dress the same person,” says Lucy.

But honestly, that is the beauty about Never Fully Dressed. They carry pieces that fit every body, you’ll hold onto them for years, and they have iconic pieces you’ve seen on very famous stars, like Kendall Jenner wearing their very famous, #1 seller, “boob” t-shirt.“When we did our first pop-up in New York, 2017, Kendall Jenner had just worn it,”tells Lucy, and here’s a fun fact – Lucy did the drawing herself. “Ya know some things just align, we didn’t even know her stylist bought it.”

Just a little style refresher, Never Fully Dressed began in humble markets in the UK ( think like farmer’s market tents here in LA) where Lucy would sell her inspired clothes to women looking for fun, fresh and amazing fits. Trust us when we say, she’s really good at selling, but she’s great at making you feel like a million bucks with her infectious energy. After chatting with Lucy during the LA grand opening, we just know that with that same energy she clearly manifested her top tier success. Pssst…Lucy is also the co-founder of The Manifestation Kit, aka, adult and kid affirmation cards. “I think women are amazing, people are amazing, if through that dress or through something, it helps them realize how amazing they are then we’ve done our job.” Lucy is also is doing her part in giving back.  A portion of the sales from the iconic boob tee is donated to the charity Mind, a mental Health organization in the UK that offers information and advice to people with mental health problems and lobbies government and local authorities on their behalf.

We also asked Lucy what her favorite piece from the line is and she mentioned she’s pretty impressed with NFD’s denim. Specifically the new denim collection. “The leopard denim is amazing. It’s such a good fit! Leopard is making a comeback and Lucy has delicately fashioned them into summer must have staples like denim long shorts or a wrap skirt. Their summer knits are pretty fun too. There are a few cardigans we had our eye on that would be  perfect for a cool beachy LA night. 

Our Editor-in-Chief, Erika De La Cruz walked away with the Cream Craft Work Cardigan when she visited the store in New York. Never Fully Dressed is actually celebrating their one year anniversary at the Nolita location and the look of this store is just as cool as LA’s. The store is splashed with lots of color and has that overall good New York vibe. So, now that both NY and LA are up and running, we asked Lucy where can we expect another store. “I’d like another store in Miami. I think the color really resonates there…and I think that would be it for us.” 

Editor-in-Chief, Erika De La Cruz visits Never Fully Dressed in New York

From coast to coast, Never Fully Dressed is determined to hug every US curve with sunshine, kitschy palm trees, and starry prints. We loved spending our day at LA’s NFD and plan to come back for more summer and maybe fall essentials that are both mood boosting and stylish. Be sure to follow them on IG here and if you need some more shopping inspo, check out our other best places to shop.