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National Rosé Day with Bodvár House of Rosés & Cassie Randolph


Bodvár House of Rosés hosted an exclusive luncheon and DJ reception this past weekend, featuring The Bachelor star, Cassie Randolph, and more special VIP attendees. Bodvár House of Rosés is the Official Founder of National Rosé Day, so you know we had to celebrate and enjoy the holiday filled with media, special guests, and lots of rosé! (Yay!) The founder, Bodvar Hafström, flew in all the way from Monaco with his wife to kindly welcome the attendees to his event. The LA Girl Editor in Chief, Erika De La Cruz, attended this spectacular luncheon along with socialites throughout Los Angeles, influencers, and more. Some guests flew in for this event from The Hamptons and Montauk, as well as coming locally from places like San Diego and Orange County to celebrate National Rose Day! Cheers!


Attendees came together on June 11th to share their mutual admiration for Bodvár House of Rosés and had a wonderful day while doing so. The event consisted of a private luncheon and DJ reception by DJ SUNNFORS, plus a day filled with rose-themed photo ops, gift bags, and delicious drinks at the Sugarfina x Bodvár House of Rosés bar. This was an all-white-360 bar that acted as the centerpiece in the grassy field, serving Bodvár wine in vintage pink goblets with the addition of Sugarfina rosé gummy bears (Yes, gummy bears!). Attendees received a limited edition Bodvár Basket Beach Bag that contained some of the cutest goodies from popular brands like Alice and Olivia! Blankets were laid out for everyone to enjoy a special makeshift picnic, completed with umbrellas and picnic baskets. Delicious charcuterie boards and watermelon and feta salad were set up for all attendees to enjoy a special treat before the sit-down luncheon, where the 3-course entrees were served on 8-foot boards in the middle of the tables. Sugarfina and Bodvár House of Rosés sure know how to celebrate the holidays!


We ditched the city for the day and celebrated this extravaganza tucked away in the canyons of the Malibu hills. Cars passed through a gated entrance that led to a winding road until arriving at an all-encompassing ranch filled with goats, grassy fields, and cabin-like housing surrounding the area. Pink and blush colors flooded the event to make for some chic photo-op moments. To put it simply, the aesthetics were everything.


Is this even a question? Who wouldn’t want to gather together to celebrate one of the best holidays, National Rosé Day?! Bodvár House of Rosés invited all attendees to taste a variety of their rosés and try the 2022 National Rosé Day signature cocktail. This fabulous cocktail, “Rosé Day Beauty,” was filled with delicious Bodvár wine, elderflower, lychee, lemon juice, and soda to make for one of the chicest (and tastiest) drinks of the year. Bodvár House of Rosés is one of the world’s leading brands in the rosé wine industry, and this event showed us the many reasons why it is such a famous brand. Special guests traveled in from all over the world to celebrate and show their love for this wonderful company.