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The LA Girl’s College Packing List: Curate A Space With Style

Whether you’re a seasoned senior, a wide-eyed new freshman, or somewhere in between, the journey to college is brimming with excitement and possibilities. And guess what…embracing that dorm life doesn’t mean you have to compromise on style. In fact, it’s the ultimate chance to curate a space that not only reflects your unique personality but also fuels your studying, learning, and socializing adventures. If we’ve learned anything from our Editor-in-Chief, Erika De La Cruz, creating spaces that acknowledge our future is something that holds a great value because they can help manifest the life you truly want. From chic and functional furnishings to lighting solutions that set the perfect vibe for success, check out these college must-haves that will help you have the most admired dorm room on the block. 

In Sync Space

First, transform your apartment or get the R.A to invest in the common dorm area with a stylish, cozy, and functional piece of furniture (because some might be sleeping on it) that inspires both relaxation and productivity. Folding chairs, futons, couches, and floor cushions can help you not only maximize space but also embody your personal style. A piece that will last well into senior year ( and beyond) is this modular daybed from 7th Ave.   It’s practical and stylish. Practical because it’s easy to clean. If you happen to spill your diet coke, oh yeah, it comes right off. Stylish, because the neutral colors they can match any decor. 7th Avenue’s co-founder – Josh Stinson – who had previous design experience with brands like Marc Jacobs and Prada, made sure this sofa was a mix of fashion and function. We love it because these sofas and daybeds can sit so many of our best roomies for movie nights or study sessions. 

A cozy candle can also bring in an extra level of aesthetic and soothing ambiance for easy studying. It also helps in creating a space for dreaming up your best academic and personal college life. A great morning routine is to light this 6 am Ritual Candle from Lüminose. The woody aroma will jumpstart your day or if you’re vision boarding a scenario where your college crush becomes a semester long lab partner, we also love the grounding and rose tinted scent of their Accidental Crush candle.

Successful Studying

Elevate your study haven with desks and accessories that embody both style and functionality and reflect your signature taste. Whether you are going for a sleek and modern look or more colorful and playful, you’ve got options. For great desks, check out Melrose Discount Furniture. Their Masha Modern Writing Desk features a glossy finish top with a built in power outlet.

We love adding a playful twist to our desk setup too. This Mr. Pen Sticky-Note set helps keep all your to-do’s top of mind but is also not so serious. Plus this pink stapler and clip set compliments it. Charging phones and computers at all times is always a necessity, especially if you need to order essay writing for a bit of professional help. We prefer Belkin’s BoostCharge Power Banks (their options of colors are worth it) to make sure you’re powered on the go and the 3-in-1 Wireless Charger is also a sleek and efficient solution to charging multiple devices.


Closet Staples

College life is all about choices like comfy sweats and ponytail days or a two piece skirt set with bouncy waves. College is all about discovering who you are and sometimes the fashion discovery really comes through during the collegiate years. So invest in a wardrobe that exudes your signature chic style. Our go-to destinations for nailing that effortless yet trendy look are Kitson and Urban Outfitters. It’s super easy to find cozy ensembles that effortlessly transition from study grind to nighttime hangout vibes with friends. 

If the vibe is more laid back and lounge, we suggest fun prints in breathable fabrics to take from late night study sessions in the library to that comfy bed. Printfresh is one of our go-to’s for vibrant jammies and loungewear. 

Finally, organizing those closet staples and cozies in a small space is easy to do with  Ikeas storage and closet organization options. One of our faves to keep things like socks, scrunchies and accessories visible is the SKUBB Box Set.

Pro Tip:  IKEA’s Kreative tool allows you to visualize your design before committing so you know how your furniture and design will look with the scale of your actual dorm room.

Dream On

After a long day of classes, dive into a realm of comfort with luxe and lavish bedding that wraps you in softness and helps you get the best rest to conquer your busy schedule. For sheets, towels and wall art, we love Anthropologie’s Anthroliving collection for all things cozy, and Dormify for a more affordable range that won’t break the bank when it comes to finding great bathrobes, shower caddies, toothbrush holders and more.

Easy Culinary Creations

College life isn’t just about surviving on a diet of ramen and boxed mac and cheese (although, let’s be real, they can be quite delicious). It’s a chance to elevate your culinary game with clever and compact cooking solutions. Embrace the art of effortless dining with nifty kitchen gadgets designed to thrive in tight dorm spaces. Picture this: a mini microwave that fits your lifestyle like a glove, or Nostalgia’s 3-in-1 Breakfast Station that turns your morning hustle into a gourmet affair with eggs and waffles that’ll have your taste buds dancing before that first lecture.

Good luck out in the world of academia, we know you will shine. To really elevate your college game, try these #OOTD’s from our Fall Fashion Guide .