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5 Useful Tips to Make Moving in Los Angeles Easier

Moving in Los Angeles

So you’re looking for a new apartment and dreading the process of moving in Los Angeles. Trust me, we all are! It can be a pain to give your landlord notice, find a place within 30 days, pack everything up and then figure out a time to move. It can be such a stressful time, so I’m here to help. Here are 5 useful tips to make moving in Los Angeles the easiest it can possibly be!

Know Where to Look

These are the go-to rental sites in Los Angeles and are the most common sites to visit first.

  • Craiglist – It’s free! Most landlords list here as well as in other paid sites so I would check Craiglist out first. Craiglist has gotten a bad rap some times but I’ve found many of my apartments and roommates on here and haven’t had a bad experience. Beware that there are fake listings on here trying to scam you, so if it sounds to good to be true, it probably is!
  • Westside Rentals – You’ll have to pay $50 for a one-month membership or $60 for a two-month membership. You can also split with someone and get a dual membership to make it cheaper. There’s a lot more filter options than Craiglist, so it can seriously cut down the time you spend scouring ads. Many people have had lots of success using Westside Rentals, including me. It’s how I found my current apartment in West LA!

Pro-Tip: Be sure to always inspect your new place from top to bottom. Make sure chilly LA drafts are not coming in (eco-windows and doors can help with that), or leaky faucets are tightened. This will help you decide whether the move is worth it.

If you’re looking to move in a big, luxury apartment complex, you may not find them in the sites listed above. Check out these sites that have listings for large apartment complexes usually with lots of amenities such as a pool, gym, and even possibly a concierge.

If you’re looking to rent a guest house, house or condo, check out these real estate sites that might have just what you’re looking for. Usually you go here if you’re looking to buy, but homeowners list their properties for rent here as well.

Still no luck? Try out these other sites where you can find some hidden gems.

  • Radpad – This site has become increasingly popular because it requires landlords to post a minimum of 3 images in each listing. They also check in with the landlords every week to make sure the listing is still available, so no one wastes their time.
  • West Hollywood Residential Rental List – Here’s where you can find some great listings in WeHo at such a super low price! Some of these buildings are rent controlled, so you may luck out and even find something under $1,000! This list is updated weekly, so check back often. You’re welcome!
  • Live Lovely – If you want to look at things in a map version, this is the right site for you. They compile listings from Craigslist and other sites in an easy-to-use map so that you can search by neighborhood. It will make it much easier for you to see how far you will be from work or school, so you can avoid sitting in traffic every day.

Be Prepared for the Quest

Vacancies only last a short time in Los Angeles because most tenants usually only give a 30-day notice. Landlords usually don’t show a place until the tenant has moved out. It’s usually a two-week process so be prepared after you give your notice to be finding and viewing apartments in the next two weeks.

Things go really fast in LA so be prepared with a security deposit that’s equal to a month’s rent and any paperwork that would be required with an application. Some landlords host open houses and will take applications in-person.

Check out the Appliances

A refrigerator does not come as a standard in an apartment in LA. I’ve had to buy a fridge before after realizing that people usually bring their own. In addition, some other appliances may not come with the place so make sure you ask what is available and included. If you’re looking for a cheap, used fridge, look on Craiglist!


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Hire Movers

My first few moves in LA, I was not willing to pay for movers. I’ve realized now that it takes a lot of work and energy, so I highly recommend it. Instead of doing so many trips in your car and moving things a little at a time, you can save a lot of time and money by doing it all at once. You can even avoid some back pain and leave it to the professionals. Here are some moving companies that you can hire to do all the work for you.

Get Your New Home Ready

Before your actual move, make sure you get your new address to your electric company, gas company, and internet and TV provider so that it can be ready before or when you move in. Frontier makes this easy for you by making sure your new home is ready for all your entertainment needs. They even provide this handy mover’s checklist so you’ll have everything ready for your “big” day.

Moving In Los Angeles

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