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The Perfect Mother’s Day Gift: Plant a Tree from Treedom

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Hey LA Girls, I have the perfect Mother’s Day gift idea! Mother’s Day is coming up and with it a new gift idea from Italy: pay a tribute to your mother by planting a tree. This initiative is offered by Treedom, the only website in the world where you can plant a tree with a simple click and watch it grow online. For the woman who gave you life there is no better gift than giving life: so why not a tree?

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A true alternative to flowers and greeting cards: all you need to do is choose the kind of tree you want, add a wishful thought and gift it to your Mom. Flowers wither away, but once planted, a tree will continue to grow year after year. The trees are geo-localized and photographed so you can track yours and view it online, just like a long-distance adoption.

Not only is it an original gift: above all, it is something that will help the planet. “All of the trees will be planted in the Southern Countries of the world” as Federico Garcea, co-founder of Treedom with Tommaso Speroni, explains, “and each tree will peacefully grow old in the same place where it’s been planted, cared for and protected by a local farmer.

In fact, Treedom’s philosophy is to involve local farmers and plant trees where they’re most needed. This way, CO2 emissions can be absorbed on a global level, but most importantly we can improve the social and financial conditions of all the farmers, and their families, who are involved in the project”.

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In addition to regular trees that are always available on its website, Treedom will also introduce four kinds of limited edition trees for Mother’s Day, available for purchase until the 8th of May: mango trees, planted in Haiti, as well as avocado, orange and cocoa trees planted in Africa.

Mother's Day Gift: Treedom

This idea “made in Italy” is catching on and has recently landed in California. Thanks to Treedom’s community of 52,000 users, 250,000 trees have been planted, geolocalized and photographed across three different continents. If you’re looking for a gift for your Mom on Mother’s Day, #WhyNotATree?

About Treedom
Treedom was created in 2010 in Florence, Italy by a young team who wanted to improve the world, one tree at a time. Since then, they have planted over 250,000 trees between Senegal, Cameroon, Malawi, Argentina, Haiti, Italy, Kenya and Burkina Faso. We like to think that, with the help of our present and future users, we can do even better.

This post is sponsored by Treedom, all opinions are my own.