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Meet the CEO of the 1st Sustainable Toothpaste Company: Lindsay McCormick

The Face Behind The Vision

Lindsay McCormick is an environmentalist, avid reader, and someone who turned her passions into a wildly successful business, BITE (Because it’s The Earth). BITE is zero-waste company that creates toothpaste and other clean self-care products, without any of the junky plastic packaging. It all began as younger McCormick developed a major love for surfing and snowboarding and as time went on, prioritized making switches that took care of the planet when she could. She grew up coaching surfing not for the money, but for the love of the sport and the feeling of being in the water more than on land. This just begins to tell you what type of person Lindsay really is. As a longtime vegan, she’s someone who’s had sustainability running through her blood, and this is where the next chapter of her story began. Like many people who currently reside in Los Angeles, she was eager to make it in “showbizz” and was thriving in the entertainment industry, until one viral video led to a sudden spike in sales which had her ditch the cameras and TV sets to start following her now career of creating plastic-less toothpaste, aka BITE. Follow along to discover who Lindsay McCormick is and learn how this epic company made it big with one viral video. We hope you take this inspiration into a project of your very own.

Building a Mission Driven Company from the Ground Up

No, it’s not a food brand (although it would be such a fitting name for that). BITE stands for Because it’s the Earth, and you’ll  understand what that means after reading this. Have you ever noticed how many mini shampoos and toothpaste bottles you go through while traveling? How many plastic baggies or soap bottles you use at home? Well, Lindsay McCormick noticed, and let’s just say, she didn’t like the road that was being paved. As someone who often traveled for work, she started observing over the waste that was being produced from each and every travel-sized product she was using and re-buying over and over again. This was her “AH HA” moment that eventually led her to creating BITE. And the brand that’s huge and thriving today… Well, wait a minute, there were a few steps that happened along the way, like running a company with her now ex-boyfriend (Yup, imagine that! Relationships are hard enough.) Let’s start from the very beginning…

After this giant realization, Lindsay decided she was done with single-use plastics and wanted to discover if there were changes she could make to help, rather than harm, the planet. As she researched, she discovered that there wasn’t anything that was currently on the market to solve this problem! She knew that she would need to be the one to create a sustainable product for her own usage because, sadly, there wasn’t anything that existed in the market. After plenty of google searches and conversations, Lindsay began gathering products and working out of her living room, trying to press these toothpaste tablets together so she could ditch the plastic bottles. Eventually, someone discovered her and what she was doing as a work-out-of-your-living-room type of boss-woman and she was featured online in a video showcasing her and her company. 10,000 views turned to 1,000,000 views, and the 10 sales she was used to getting suddenly hit thousands too. From just one video, her entire world was flipped upside down (in a good way, of course) and the rest really is history. She went from juggling her entertainment job to stepping into the business full-time and even made an appearance on Shark Tank (where she turned down the offers she received on the series.) Starting with a singular toothpaste bit in her living room to now offering a variety of deodorant, mouthwash, toothbrushes, and so much more, these BITE products have brought together millions of people to start their journey of reducing waste. When are you going to start yours?

We only have one Earth, so why not protect it in any way we can, starting with swapping out your single-use plastic products with BITE products

5 Tips We Learned From This Eco-Friendly, Boss-Babe  

After meeting Lindsay McCormick, we left with more than just knowledge about her and her company. Her story was inspiring and moving, but most importantly, she opened our eyes to what changes we can make in our own lives, both big and small.  Here are a few tips we learned from speaking with this LA Local turned environmentalist CEO!

1. If you don’t like something, change it, even if that means putting in the work to do it yourself.

2. Surround yourself with like-minded women (or like-minded groups in general.) This path is not one you need to take alone. Find a mastermind, a course or a community on a similar journey. 

3. Putting your passions before paychecks may pay off in the long run.

4. Working with an ex-boyfriend can be tough (I think we could’ve guessed this one?!) Running your own business will challenge your relationships and social life as you build it with those around you. (What a boss.)

5. Read often, books are filled with so much knowledge!

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