Meet Sebrin Elms, Founder of The Clumsy Traveler

Sebrin Elms, The Clumsy Traveler

I was hooked up with Sebrin by her mom as we were both bloggers, and it turns out – her mom was right. We hit it off and have been friends and colleagues ever since. We both love to write and travel, so I want to introduce you to Sebrin Elms, founder of The Clumsy Traveler, a blog that follows her travels around the world!

Describe yourself in a tweet.

I’m a self-proclaimed free-spirit whose clumsiness and love of adventure gets me into trouble. I love traveling, my husband and my kitties.

Where are you from?

I was born in Santa Monica, California and have lived everywhere between LA and Ventura county.


What’s your favorite thing about LA?

I absolutely love the diversity found in LA. Sure, many cities have got a variety of activities and people, but LA is a melting pot of cultures and experiences. People travel from different parts of the globe to be here! From Little Tokyo to Hollywood to Downtown, there’s an energy that is different in every neighborhood that’s worth exploring.

What do you hate most about LA?

It may be pretty standard, but it’s got to be the traffic. It really kills your schedule and life. A 25-mile trip can easily take you two hours in travel time. All of those people mean a lot of cars. It’s the worst.


Do you see yourself living in LA in 5 years? 10? Forever?

I definitely see myself in LA in 5 years, but as a traveler, I can’t picture myself in any one place in 10 years. Part of me wants to move to San Diego and another part of me wants to leave the US altogether! The dream is to have a small, cozy home on the Westside and another home in France or Australia.

What has been your favorite LA experience?

Getting married in Malibu was my favorite LA experience! Though it’s on the edge of LA county, it was the most memorable and magical moment of my life. Getting to know vendors from the area and showing international guests around Los Angeles really gave me a sense of Angeleno pride that I hadn’t ever felt before. Plus, I married a handsome stud in a beautiful spot!

Best LA advice you can give a newbie?

Be open minded to your surroundings. There are all types of people and communities within Los Angeles that will touch your heart and soul for different reasons. Try to be friends with different people within those cliques and you will have a very well-rounded experience of LA!

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