Meet Bri Seeley, Co-Founder of The Amplify Collective

I remember meeting Bri over a year ago at a cupcake boutique in Beverly Hills. She was writing an article on “Indulgence” and I provided her a quote about eating a ton of oysters. Fast forward to being Facebook friends and with me joining The Amplify Collective, I wanted to feature Bri because she’s such an inspiration to me. Her stories are both moving and motivating and I am excited to continue to support her and work with her in the future. So here’s more about the wonderful, Bri Seeley.

Bri Seeley is a passionate writer, mentor, and co-founder of The Amplify Collective, an un-networking movement for women that encourages and empowers all women to build inspirational lives for themselves. Originally from Minnesota, Bri has fallen in with the bustling city of Los Angeles and here’s why!

Meet Bri Seeley

Photo by Alexia Lewis

Where are you from?

I am from southern Minnesota. I left when I was 17 to attend college, then moved to Italy to study fashion design, and ended up near Seattle after completing my Master’s.

What brought you to Los Angeles?

I was running a fashion brand and knew that I wasn’t in the right area to make it be as successful as I wanted it to be. Plus, the weather in Washington was killing me. So I decided I would give myself 9 months to figure out a new place to live, sell my house, and move. I ended up in LA about 8 months after that decision.

What’s your favorite thing about LA?

Everything. Literally. People think I’m crazy because I actually don’t get annoyed at the traffic or the smog. I feel so grateful to live in such a vibrant and expansive city that I just fall in love with all of it every day.

What about LA inspires you?
LA is a city full of possibility. From the landscape, to the people, to the industries…. you can create anything you want in this city.


Who is your favorite person in LA?
My business partner Thaís is pretty kickass. She motivates me to be a better human, helps me celebrate in all the best ways, and we love to experience all that SoCal has to offer together!


Where is your favorite place to go in LA?

I have so many! I can only pick one? Here’s my top 5 list: Cafecito Organico, Mount Hollywood, Perch, my rooftop, High Tea at the Peninsula.

What is your favorite neighborhood in LA?

I have lived in Silver Lake since the day I drove into LA. And I love it here. But I’m also ready for a change….. most likely into DTLA. I’m pretty obsessed with the Renaissance that downtown is experiencing. I love being in the energy of it!

What has been your favorite LA experience?

I don’t know if it’s one experience, but it’s more the lifestyle I get to live here. I can sit on my roof with a cup of tea in the morning to watch the sunrise, then run into my office downtown, hit up Mount Hollywood for a hike, spend the afternoon at the beach, and be back on my roof to watch the sunset – all in one day. I just love the opportunity I have to live such a breath of experiences within just a few hours of each other.

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