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Meet Marissa Scheerer, Co-Founder of Create Yoga

I first met Marissa Scheerer at the opening of Create Yoga, a new yoga studio in Santa Monica. She had reached out to me through my blog to introduce me the her new business and I was very curious to find out more, since I had yet to find my “home studio” on the Westside.

She told me that what sets Create Yoga apart from other studios was that they focus on community partnerships and creative events, give back to charities and host a daily “open house” where members and the public can come use open workspace for wifi, meetings, practice, relaxing, networking, dance parties, complimentary tea + snacks, etc! So naturally, I wanted to introduce you to Marissa and get to know more about her and Create Yoga.

Tell us about yourself in a tweet.

Recovered perfectionist turned yoga-teaching, creative-writing, connection + adventure seeking, social networker + true blue dreamer.

Where are you from?

Though technically from an area of the suburbs of LA known as the Inland Empire (a silly name; a silly “little boxes on the hillside” bubble of a place) I feel like I am truly from the place I leapt to when I escaped that bubble at 17: the good + weird, nature-filled, hippie-reputed Santa Cruz, CA.

Marissa Scheerer

What brought you to LA?

I came back “home” to LA from the SF Bay Area on a total whim. The idea came to me in a single, totally impulsive moment and, I couldn’t be more happier that I rolled with it.

What’s your favorite thing about LA?

That au-contraire to the popular belief, you can find yourself with your people here: this city is so diverse and, as such, laid-back and friendly. There’s a community waiting here for everyone. Anyone can find their niche.

How do you advise people to make time for fitness in their routine?

Find the workout style that gets you excited! (Clearly I’m biased toward yoga!) There are SO many options out there, especially in such a big city like LA. We really have no excuses. Especially when we realize: we ALWAYS have time for an hour. Come on, we spend AT LEAST that much time on our phones or on Netflix!

What is your favorite yoga pose?

This definitely shifts around depending on what my mind and body are going through at the time. But no matter what: Eka Pada Rajakapotasana (One-Legged King Pigeon Pose) always makes my heart melt and Adho Mukha Vrksasana (Hand Stand) always makes my heart happy!

If LA was a flow/salutation – what poses would be in it?

Wow! So many! I feel like LA would definitely be a mix of constant flow of a vast variety of poses (like a very creative Vinyasa Flow sequence) intermixed with tons of variations (to represent diversity) and tricks like handstands and arm-balances (representing the competitive nature and entertainment side of the city).

What would you say to women who don’t think yoga is for them?

Overall I would say: yoga now is SO broad a term! There are such a vast variety of styles and teachers that, there is truly something for everyone. I’d ask any specific woman what they are looking for; what they love and hate in a “workout” or about yoga. Then I’d probably have some great ideas to guide them towards something that would change their mind!

What’s your best advice to women in LA trying to stay fit and healthy?

Don’t ever compare yourself. It’s SO hard to actually put this into practice but ALL of our bodies are different and respond in different ways to the same diet and workout regimens. You really have to explore and find what works for you. And so long as you keep judging yourself: no matter how much your workout or how healthy you eat, you aren’t healthy. Let go of judgement and being so hard on yourself. So many of us look for “results” but It’s not overnight; even if you totally bust your ass. You have to find balance, the will to keep going, to love yourself and be patient. It’s those kinds of results that truly feel transformative.

What inspires you?

People, language, patterns, travel, music + art, living, loving and honestly — f*ing up all truly inspire me. I feel most inspired when I am learning, even when (or especially when) I’m being challenged or it’s a really difficult situation.

You can find Marissa Scheerer on:
Instagram: @mettamars.yoga + @createyogaspace
Twitter: @create_yoga