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Meet Caroline Juen, Founder of Love and Loathing LA

Caroline Juen, Founder of Love and Loathing LA

I had been following Caroline Juen (pronounced like the month “June”), founder of Love and Loathing LA for a while before I officially met her in person. We were both attending an awards show on behalf of a wine company, I know, “so LA.” And we had so much fun taking picture of each other and scoping out the celebs.

Since then, we’ve run into each I was so happy to have the chance to interview her for Focus TV.

Watch the our interview below to get to know Caroline and learn more about:

  • What brought here to LA and her art background
  • Why she started Love and Loathing LA
  • Her favorite LA experiences (she dishes about some of the cool events she’s gone to)
  • One of her favorite brand partnerships this year (Hint: it’s a fashion brand)
  • Her advice to people who are new to LA or thinking about moving here
  • And how she stays inspired

She says, “This whole city is one giant inspiration board. It’s driving through the city and constantly meeting people..”

She talks to us about her blogging journey and her top 3 tips:

  1. Have a clear idea of what you want to do
  2. Stay true to yourself and know who you are
  3. Be consistent and creative. And strive for quality.

Learn more about Caroline Juen on her blog, Love and Loathing LA, and follow her adventures on Instagram.