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Lou’Mar: A New Restaurant & Culinary Odyssey in Beverly Hills

If you’re in search of a culinary adventure that combines global flavors with innovative twists, look no further than Lou’Mar in Beverly Hills. Situated at 9960 S. Santa Monica Blvd, upstairs from Nerano, this sensational restaurant is poised to redefine the dining scene in Beverly Hills. We recently visited Lou’Mar ahead of its public opening and discovered an evening of exquisite food that promises an interactive and supremely satisfying experience.

The Vibe

Lou’Mar offers a fusion of Korean and Venezuelan flavors and they are expertly combined. This culinary new gem led by acclaimed chefs Marcos Spaziani and Louis Huh, introduces a global cuisine that has been conspicuously absent from Beverly Hills. If Chef Spaziani’s name sounds familiar, it’s because he’s the same celebrity chef featured on Bravo’s reality show, “Below Deck.”

Chef Marcos Spaziani

The interior boasts a playful yet elegant design with every detail meticulously chosen to be captivating and Instagram worthy. From wall to walls there is animated artwork plus a giant “Empathy for Everyone” sign gracing the window. The bartenders are extremely welcoming too. They have created an upscale ambiance without any pretentiousness. If you’re wondering what to wear to the new restaurant we’d recommend an upscale casual outfit. This new hotspot is a perfect place for a date night or a reservation with friends who appreciate fine food and drinks. 

The Cocktails

Settling into Lou’Mar, we immediately wanted to order a cocktail off of their delicious and colorful menu. We highly recommend starting with the spa martini. This beautifully light concoction combines Botanist Gin with St. Germain, fresh lemon, and homemade simple syrup. The muddled cucumber adds a refreshing twist. The George Michael is another invigorating option. It is an elevated take on an espresso martini and has prominent notes of Peanut Butter Whiskey, Irish Cream Liqueur, Espresso, and House Bourbon. This icy and sweet beauty is sure to please anyone. Also, don’t hesitate to inquire about the helium foam if you’re feeling adventurous and in the mood for an exotic drink. We won’t give you too much details about it so you can be throughly surprised when you see it. 

The Naked and Famous


We kicked off our culinary journey with the Crispy Brie. A golden-brown exterior gives way to creamy goodness complemented perfectly by the sweet allure of truffle honey and candied walnuts. The dish is elegantly garnished with fresh arugula, radish, and whimsical orange mustard foam. This is an ideal choice for cheese lovers who enjoy sharing, although you’ll undoubtedly wish there were more brie bites once it’s devoured.

The Crispy Brie

The Upside Down Tostada delivers vibrant notes of aromatic freshness thanks to fresh red snapper ceviche drizzled with creamy avocado, zesty onions, cilantro, and Aji Amarillo ( a yellow chili pepper).

The Upside Down Tostada


The Arepas Borracha is an enchanting medley of slow-cooked brisket elevated by the rich depth of gochujang aioli, a tantalizing sweet & spicy sauce. Radish and crispy corn dough provide a delightful textural contrast and creates a harmonious tapestry of flavors that beckon for an encore. The Cachapa is a delightful dish boasting a fresh corn pancake as its base which offers a comforting yet flavorful foundation. Creamy mozzarella cheese adds richness and the aji verde and garlic aioli infuse it with vibrant and savory notes. Delicate micro greens and herb garnish the experience. If you’re on a Vegan diet, Lou’Mar has several dishes to accommodate. The Vegan Chicken is a tofu breaded in corn flakes and toasted in a sweet & spicy sauce.

The Arepas Borracha

The Vegan Chicken

While every dish we sampled was exceptional, two standouts deserve special mention. First, the Charred Octopus served with shishito peppers, fingerling potatoes, pork belly, and gochujang aioli was a hit at the table. It achieved the perfect level of tenderness and presented itself as an aesthetically beautiful dish. Second, the Filet Mignon. It was perfectly tender and served with a sweet potato puree, roasted rosemary apples, pickled fresno chilis and onions, demi-glaze, and wine reduction. With each bite, you could taste the care and slow cooking that went into this dish that is reminiscent of an upscale version of a homemade family favorite.


Although the signature cocktails and dishes filled us up and left our palates more than satisfied, we couldn’t resist trying two dessert dishes. First up, the Melted Cotton Candy. A melt-in-your-mouth shortbread cake with fresh banana salted caramel ice cream, and topped with frothy cotton candy. This playful dessert strikes the perfect balance between sweet and salty. Our second dessert was an absolute must-order for its presentation alone. Snow White’s Apple – a hard chocolate shell encasing lemon custard with apple filling, perched atop a cream puff in a picture-perfect red apple presentation.

Snow White’s Apple

Lou’Mar is the ultimate treat in dining that truly celebrates innovation, craftsmanship, and attention to detail. We had a great time dining at this restaurant and the memories will keep us full for the rest of the year. We can’t wait to revisit each of these  extraordinary dishes. If you’re looking to dine at Lou’Mar, make a reservation! It’ll be hard to secure a spot by walking in. As far as parking, street parking is free after 6 PM, or you can valet for $14. For more information on Lou’Mar and to stay connected check out their IG account.

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