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Top 5 LAX Travel Tips That Every LA Girl Needs to Know

Going somewhere for the holidays? Chances are, you’re probably dreading the huge crowd that awaits you. Though I can’t really help you with the population count at the airport, I can offer some LAX travel tips that may make your trip, and life, easier. Here’s my list of top 5 LAX travel tips that every LA girl needs to know about!

1. Get dropped off at Arrivals.

When you’re headed out of LA, there will be a ton of people trying to get to the Departures gate. Skip the traffic jam and get dropped off at the same terminal on the Arrivals level which is just below the Departures. Also, you can probably snag a free cart for your luggage on the Arrivals level and take the elevator up to the Departures.

LAX Travel Tips

2. Take advantage of curbside check-in.

Skip the long lines at the airline counter and choose curbside check-in outside when you’re checking luggage in. Just make sure you’re aware of extra large suitcase dimensions if you’re going for this option, as some airlines have strict size restrictions that could complicate curbside check-in cause unnecessary fees. It will save you so much time (and money!).

3. Join TSA Pre

Another way to skip the line is to join the TSA Pre✓. It’s an expedited security screening program that makes it quicker for you to go through security without needing to remove your shoes, laptop, liquids, belts or jackets. You also get to enter a different line than the main one that probably loops around several times.

LAX Travel Tips

4. Buy water and food before takeoff. 

Don’t let yourself get hungry and dehydrated on the flight, especially if it’s a long one. Pick up a bottle of water and some to-go at one of the restaurants inside LAX to make your journey more enjoyable. You don’t want to be starving for some peanuts when you have yummy, healthy options like Lemonade, Real Food Daily, Campanile and more.

5. Skip the airport taxi fare and uBer fees. 

Get on one of the rental car buses on the airport to be transported outside of LAX to one of the car rental lots. Once there, you can call an uBer or a cab and pay a lower fare.

LAX Travel Tips

Whether you’re in LA for the holidays or going elsewhere, I hope these LAX travel tips will help make it a more enjoyable experience. And if not, I hope that you’ll be on your way back to LA soon!

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