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10 Beautiful LA Wedding Venues Every Bride Will Love

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As a recent newlywed, I’m privy to all of the crazed-venue scouring that goes into looking for the perfect spot to say “I Do”. Luckily, Los Angeles is home to a wide selection of wedding venues perfect for any couple. Almost too many. But don’t worry, brides and grooms. For your convenience, I’ve compiled some of the fanciest, flashiest and most romantic wedding venues in all of LA. Here are the 10 best wedding venues in Los Angeles:

1. Carondelet House

Look familiar? You might recognize this amazing space from snapshots of Johnny Depp’s engagement party, Maroon 5’s music video and Amber Steven’s wedding! Constructed in 1928 in the heart of West LA, this gorgeous property was built as an Italian Villa with urban flair. If the exposed brick and hardwood floors weren’t dreamy enough, the delicate details like the Victorian upholstered armchairs, ceramic-tiled fountains and delicate chandeliers will make you want to set the date here ASAP!

2. Greystone Mansion and Park

If New York’s Botanical Garden and Paris’ Tuileries Gardens at the Louvre met and had a venue baby, it would surely be the Greystone Mansion and Park. The historic Greystone Mansion and Park is located in Beverly Hills and with this spot, you get the best of both worlds! Hold your ceremony in the secluded, outdoor, perfectly manicured garden, host your cocktail hour at their more intimate garden spot and enjoy your reception in the Grand Ballroom where the sweeping staircase is so romantic and dramatic, you’ll feel like a princess in your own castle!

3. Hummingbird Nest Ranch

When you think of the Hummingbird Nest Ranch, imagine Ojai meets Palm Springs. Slightly outside of Los Angeles county, the Hummingbird Nest Ranch makes you feel like you’ve run away to a Castilian estate. Nestled in the Santa Susana Mountains lies this sprawling Spanish-Colonial inspired villa with spectacular views of the canyon as well as beautiful Spanish decor and architecture. From the intimate 1920s ranch house to the vast Grand Prix lawn, this venue is the perfect location for your Southern California wedding.

4. SmogShoppe

If you’re looking for a chic and eco-friendly wedding venue, look no further than SmogShoppe. Located near downtown Culver City, this chic and urban venue was once a functioning smog check center and is now used to host an array of hip soirées. It’s a fairly intimate setting and you’ll fall head over heels for those perfectly place succulents and boho meets hipster vibe.

5. Perch

If you’re a modern bride who prefers skyscrapers and city lights to shabby chic decor and shrubbery, then Perch is where it’s at! Perch just so happens to be one of the best rooftop restaurants in the city and it’s no question why with that beautiful LA skyline as a casually understated backdrop. Not only will you wow your guests with the most impressive view of Los Angeles they will ever witness, but the restaurant’s food and intimate setting will have everyone exclaim that this is the most surreal wedding they’ve ever been to!

6. Langham Huntington

If the remote and beautiful city of Pasadena is where you’re looking, the Langham Huntington is the perfect spot for any Eastside bride. Not only is this location extremely elegant, but it’s diverse in venue. From the quiet Japanese Garden, the dramatic Horseshoe Garden, the posh courtyard to the grand Georgian Ballroom, each location feels more lavish than the next trimmed with impeccable details and beauty. Pasadena never felt so grand!

7. Bel Air Beach Club

Dreaming of a beach wedding without the wind and sand getting all up in your bridal fabulousness? Insert Bel Air Beach Club. This wedding venue gives you the perfect Santa Monica beach scenery while adding a little bit of tropical flair with exotic floral design and palm trees. And don’t worry about that chilly, ocean breeze as the sun goes down. This club has a spacious and beautiful ballroom where you can host the most elegant, SoCal dinner to match.

8. The Beverly Hills Hotel

Fancy some old Hollywood glamour? Probably the most iconic spot on the list is the Beverly Hills Hotel. Located in the heart of Beverly Hills, this hotel has been around since Hollywood’s Golden Age and is what dream weddings are made of! If you weren’t captured by the old school banana leaves, old Hollywood art deco design or the legendary pink and green backdrop, you’ll probably be captivated by the celebrity guest list. Famous celeb weddings that took place here include John Stamos, Shaquille O’Neal, and hosted Nicole Richie’s wedding guests.

9. Terranea Resort

Looking to get away from the city and escape to the Mediterranean? A wedding at the Terranea Resort makes all of your European wedding dreams come true without the 10 hour plane ride! Surrounded by panoramic views of the Pacific ocean and the most luxurious villas, you will be in awe of this gorgeous, cliff side wedding venue located in Palos Verdes, a mere 30 miles from LA proper.

10. Saddlerock Ranch

If you’re from LA, you have no doubt visited Malibu Wines on the weekend with your girlfriends. Saddlerock Ranch not only owns Malibu Wines, but boasts four stunning wedding venues within their thousand-acre vineyard. Whether you’re looking for a lush garden setting or a French château overlooking the Santa Monica mountains, your dream garden wedding is probably hiding in their rolling hills estate. (This one has a special place in my heart as we ultimately decided to get married at their Chateau Le Dome location!)

LA Girl Wedding Locations in Los Angeles

While there are plenty of other gorgeous wedding venues in Los Angeles, these are definitely the winners as far as best scenery, most unique and hottest spot! If you’re still searching for your dream wedding venue, make sure to check these out!


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