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LA is the Happiest Place to Work in the US

It’s official! According to the Indeed Job Happiness Index 2016, LA is the happiest place to work in the US. Los Angeles claims the top spot with four other California cities included in the Top 10.

Tara Sinclair, Indeed’s chief economist, states that “California remains a strong draw for talent, in part due to the tech industry, so it’s not surprising to see many workers in the state are invested in their jobs and show above-average levels of satisfaction.” So not everyone is moving to LA to work in the entertainment industry, as previously mentioned in my other article.

The study gathered data from over 10 million workers and some of the happiest jobs in Los Angeles  include, “personal assistant,” “creative director” and “teaching assistant.” (I’m surprised “blogger” or “Instagrammer” isn’t listed!)

Indeed’s study defines what happiness is in the workplace and employees relate job satisfaction first and foremost with work-life balance. Surprisingly, compensation seems to be the least important thing that employees measure in regards to job satisfaction. I would think this would be at least in the top three on the list!

Another thing that may contribute to landing the #1 spot is the weather. I know I always seem to boast about the weather in LA, but imagine having to go to work when it’s raining all the time or even worse, snowing! We already have crazy traffic when it’s drizzling, can you imagine the freeway horror?

LA is the Happiest Place to Work: Dog-Friendly

I know that many LA companies are dog-friendly and this is something that I think greatly contributes to happiness at work. You won’t have to worry about the pooch being at home alone and stuck indoors all day. You can take breaks and walks and everyone would be happy, including your dog-less co-workers who can take advantage of canine benefits such as petting, kisses, and cuddling.

Other common work benefits in Los Angeles is free lunch at work, the ability to work remotely, and flexible hours. It’s no wonder that LA is the happiest place to work in the US!

Do you know any other reasons why LA is the happiest place to work in the US? Tweet me @thelagirl and I’d love to know why!