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The LA Dance Party Every LA Girl Needs to Go To: Daybreaker

LA Dance Party: Daybreaker

I love to dance! What I don’t like about the dancing scene is the lines, how my feet feel after dancing with heels on, and how I’m up past my bedtime. I usually dance for an hour, an hour and a half if I’m really feeling the music, and then I get sleepy and it’s quitting time. I don’t go to clubs very often anymore and perhaps it’s because I’m so excited to do yoga at 6am the next morning.

LA Dance Party: Daybreaker

An LA Dance Party in the Morning? I’m in!

So when I got the invite for Daybreaker, I was beyond excited. Daybreaker is an “early morning wakeup dance party” that will be taking place this Thursday, February 24, 2015 from 6:30-8:30am. Yes, that’s AM if you think you read that wrong. It will be hosted by Rhubarb Studios – Tech Venture Studio that’s located on the 14th Floor of the US Bank Tower. The address is 633 W. 5th Street in Downtown LA. You can’t miss this building! It’s the tallest building in Los Angeles with 73 stories at 1,018 feet.

LA Dance Party: Daybreaker NY

The tickets for Daybreaker LA are $20 for the early-bird special and raises to $25 if you don’t get a move on it. I think that’s well worth it, almost same cost as a yoga session or spin class. They are also including free coffee, tea, and snacks so you can get your munch on in between songs spun by superstar DJs. This is an alcohol-free event, so don’t expect any mimosas or bloody marys.

The co-founders of the movement, Matthew Brimer and Radha Agrawal describe it as “dancing before daybreak with people we love; about curating a community of camaraderie, self-expression, wellness, and mischief.”

These Daybreaker parties have been making its way through the cities of New York, San Francisco, and now Los Angeles with Amsterdam, Atlanta and Seattle being the next conquests. People of all ages and backgrounds are loving the concept and it continues to spark interest from dancers and early risers worldwide.

I will be at this awesome LA Dance Party Thursday’s event bright and early, so I hope to see you there!