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5 Sensational Reasons to Join The LA Girl Society Right Now

The LA Girl Society

Hello LA Girls! I’ve been wanting to create a community for my readers who want to do more than read my blog posts and see what I post on social media. I’ve wanted to build something for those who want to join me in my mission to inspire discovery, adventure, and passion in the city we live in. That’s why I launched The LA Girl Society!

This group is for LA Girls that want to try something new, win cool prizes, get invited to fun events and are looking for more awesome ways to experience LA. Here are 5 sensational reasons to join The LA Girl Society right now!

Sensational Reason #1 – It’s free. 

Sign up now for free and you’ll be getting a weekly email newsletter with exclusive access to giveaways and curated news, tips, deals and experiences. You will be getting one email from me a week, and if there’s something I must share with you or time-sensitive, I may send you one more. That would probably be a rare situation, like a super awesome giveaway!

Join The LA Girl Society for free

Sensational Reason #2 – Giveaways, who doesn’t love giveaways? 

When you sign up, you will receive my 2016 LA Summer Bucket List for free, which you can use as a handy guide to have the best LA summer ever! There’s your first freebie and there will be a lot more.

Some examples of upcoming giveaways include:

  • One month of yoga or fitness classes to get you in shape or add to your fitness routine
  • A lovely dinner at a popular LA restaurant that you’ve been dying to try
  • A gift card to an amazing establishment with Instagram-worthy food and products
  • Tickets to a spectacular LA show, concert, or newly launched experience
  • A free digital marketing consultation with me for that blog you want to start
  • And so much more!!!

Group of girls at dinner - The LA Girl Society

Sensational Reason #3 – Events just for members only! 

I will also be inviting members of The LA Girl Society to exclusive events like:

  • A group fitness class to try out a new studio or hiking my favorite LA trail
  • A press preview or opening party where I can invite more than a +1
  • Amazing events that LA brands tell me about and you’ll want to know about
  • A monthly hangout to take photos at cool LA walls, try the latest food craze, etc.

I’ve been able to experience so much of LA through my blog and now I want to be able to share that with my readers. So if this sounds like fun to you, sign up now! Or keep on reading for two more reasons on why you should join.

Girls Working Out Together - The LA Girl Society

Sensational Reason #4 – Enjoy a curated experience.

Instead of figuring out what to do all the time, what if I made it easier for you and  just gave you a list? Once you join you’ll be receiving my 2016 LA Summer Bucket List that includes a list of things you should do this summer in Los Angeles. It includes a list of outdoor movies you should watch, summer concerts to attend and even which movies that I’m most excited for.

The list includes link which makes it easy for you to buy tickets and get more info (a lot of it is free!). If you like this, you’ll like more of what’s coming up as I will be sending you more tips, bucket lists, and giving you a deeper, richer experience that will truly make life in LA more interesting!

Sensational Reason #5 – Connect with other LA Girls!

There’s kind of a lot of us here and most of us are Facebook and Instagram friends already. But sometimes (okay, all the time), I miss the old-school way of socializing – you know, actually talking in person.

Women at the beach - The LA Girl Society

Here are some hangouts to look forward to:

  • Brunch on the weekend, because that’s such an LA thing to do
  • Instagram wall photoshoot, because who doesn’t want cute photos?
  • An outing to the newest “room” at some museum, who knows what they’ll come up with next
  • Shopping at flea markets and sample sales, pretty much anywhere
  • Getting in line for the newest food trend and helping each other with lighting

So what are you waiting for? If you’re looking to win amazing prizes, get invites to cool events, experience LA on a deeper level and connect with other LA Girls, then join The LA Girl Society right now!