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It’s Icy Season in LA: With Saweetie


She’s our BEST FRIEND! (But really, after last week, we all want to be hers.) You know that tune you were bobbing your head to and using as your IG “story music” every time you were out with your besties all year? Well this week, we sat down with 2-time GRAMMY nominated & “Best Friend’ artist, Saweetie, to hear about her new ventures and partnership with Jack Daniels Tennesse Honey in an ICY wonderland at Nightengale Plaza in West Hollywood.


This event marked the first in-person event to kick off the start of ICY Season. Arrival was through an iced-out winter tunnel leading directly from check in, to the venue. Once inside, the walls and ceilings were covered in honey comb (A Jack Daniel’s Tenesse Honey signature) and snowflakes. Appetizers floated by on trays ranging from sliders to tuna tar tar and guests helped them selves to 3 new signature cocktails, perfect for the holiday season, or should we say ICY SEASON. With winter-filled glasses, we cozied up around a fire side setting with the mega star for an intimate conversation that made every woman smile from ear to ear. These were the take aways….

What is ICY Season?

On “What is Icy season about?Saweetie remarked “It’s about creating a season that everyone can benefit from. What’s good for you? If something isn’t good for you get rid of it. The purpose of Icy season is elevating self.” It’s a whole VIBE.

LA 2022:

Saweetie dropped hints about major things to look forward to in LA 2022. Our guess is that she may be hosting or judging a television series of some kind for the month of January, but this is purely based on the clue game that she and the audience shared! The GRAMMY-nominated artist got real about her career expanding and the challenge she is taking on to make sure her team is quickly expanding with it. She was REAL, touching every female boss’s heart in the room. Her vision is massive, using phrases like legacy and Icy season being about speaking to women who are struggling, who are hustling and who are out there doing it. Stay tuned here for updates on her projects, next events and LA promos!

Photos Courtesy of Madison McGhee, looking to shoot video in Los Angeles? Shoot her a note!

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