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Inside Airbnb & Barbie Malibu DreamHouse: An Exclusive Hosted Stay, Ken’s Way

A few miles from the Malibu coastline, you’ll find a pink palace nestled deep in the hills with a bright disco themed rooftop as far as the eye can see. A hot pink, magenta rich hidden hideaway fit for any Malibu Barbie, or should we say Malibu Ken?  Oh yes. Let’s not forget about the sexy man doll whose wardrobe is a close second to Barbie’s. His closet of brightly colored joggers, striped short sets, and themed outfits deserves its own Bachelor pad space in Barbie World. Well my friends, the fashion Gods above heard every fanboy cry because  a literal “Ken-dom” has finally descended upon Malibu.

Move over Barbie DreamHouse! Ken and his chiseled cut chin are taking over the iconic girly mansion and he’s brought in Airbnb to help with his dream dig renovations ahead of the highly anticipated Barbie Movie out July 21st. Since Ken is also one of my favorite boo’s, he wanted me to come on over and check out his hot pink masterpiece before listing it on Airbnb (you read that right). On July 17th, at 10am PT, you’ll get the chance to book a one night stay in this over the top, toy land mansion. But before that (and because I love you so much), Airbnb invited me to give you LA girlies an official and exclusive look inside the Airbnb & Barbie Malibu DreamHouse – Ken’s Way where fashion, design, and Barbie land dreams come to life.

Steps from the coastline, a private gate welcomed my black SUV Uber to go up a windy long road to get to Ken’s DreamHouse. I walked in alongside other influencers, editors and newsmakers ( all dressed in Barbie themes & colors) to get an exclusive guest preview of the mansion that was revamped from the 2019 Airbnb that celebrated Barbie’s 60th anniversary. Safe to say this time, they really went all out.

Live Ken dolls (aka some of the most handsome guys in LA) were on hand to give a tour of the 3-story DreamHouse. Most rooms were decked out in pure Barbie pink decor, but every corner had Ken’s signature touch.  He made sure everyone saw his giant tricked out Hummer parked out front ( GMC is a giant sponsor of the Airbnb and film). On the second level, a slide that winds down to the infinity pool. On the roof, there is a parking space for his dirt bike, a dedicated gym space to beef up, a basketball court, a sandbox for…ya know…playtime, and a private disco themed roller rink with neon rollerblades at the center of it all. My favorite room was without a doubt Ken’s bedroom.

Crushed velvet, faux fur and suede lined the pink and cowboy themed ocean front bedroom. Cowboys and horses are the only words to describe Ken’s style and his home decor of choice. Going up and down the stairs of the 3 story palace, there was a gallery of framed western cowboys and horses that lined the walls. This might be a little clue into what his style is like in the movie…just saying. Life sized and miniature horses were also all over his bedroom along with spinning pedestals for guests to try on everything in Ken’s closet, including a fringed pink jacket, a bevy of hats, and denim vests (so 90’s Ken).

Outside is where the party really got started. The live Ken dolls were ready and willing to take as many photos as I wanted at every photo op area.  My Batsheva trench dress, Louis Vuitton loafers, and Dior sunnies were a hit on the pink carpet and on the disco themed dance floor. Plus, I even got an up close look at Barbie’s personalized magazine. My Ken Doll host was happy to flip the pages for me so I didn’t ruin my mani (priority’s first). The “mocktails” were also flowing and served up in kitschy cowboy glasses and swirly straws. A trio of Ken dolls also served up yummy mac and cheese bites and sliders. I decided to take my food and drink over to the lounge space that overlooked the ocean and the infinity pool on the first level. But from where I was…second level status…the views were absolutely breathtaking.

OK…can’t get enough of Ken’s DreamHouse? Check out my exclusive tour of it on IG.