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Hudson House: An East Coast Vibe on Sunset Blvd

Move over Dan Tana’s, there is a new (and delicious) hotspot hitting the West Hollywood and Beverly Hills scene: Hudson House. For those of you that might be a little unfamiliar with the cool factor behind Hudson House, let me break it down for you boo. The restaurant is a big deal in Texas because of their signature take on East Coast comfort food (my fave!) and also their world class Frozen Bellini. Now, they’ve come to LA and built a gorgeous and lively eatery that is sooo Hamptons-esque. Get ready to make a dinner reservation (available on Opentable) because I’m about to make you hungry. 

The Vibe

Walking into Hudson House, located at 9255 W. Sunset Blvd in Weho, you’ll feel as if you were on the coast…with the coast being Sunset Blvd. Looking away from the restaurant there are views of Soho House and the entertaining Sunset strip. If you eat out on the patio, you’ll get the vibe of intimacy and exclusivity behind a lush green wall and moody table side lights. Inside is a whole other vibe. It has a light and airy coastal feel with blue and wood interiors. This is a spot you’ll want to take a date for sure. The ambiance is inviting and calm enough to hold a deep convo. Yup, you’ll be able to hear each other which is a total bonus. I can also see a family brunch take place here. The full-service dining room and bar concept is also decorated with posters of the New Yorker and a huge model of a ship enclosed in glass cements the fact that this is an east coast hideaway and can easily be transformed into your personal social club hub (if you can get over the $20 for Valet). 


Drinks were PHENOMENAL!  As mentioned above, the restaurant is known for their Frozen Bellini. The secret is their specialty blended peach mix. This drink alone is worth the drive. But if you need a little more push, you’ll want to go to Hudson House to try  their iconic Frozen Bellini. Now this is a way to relax just in time for Summer’s favorite holiday – Fourth of July. I suggest start off with a Bellini than finish dinner off with another signature drink they like to call the “World’s Coldest Martini.” It was served up with ice chips still in it and yes it lived up to its name. They say it keeps the neighborhood coming back and when you get a sip you’ll believe them.


Dinner was served from the most friendly and attentive servers in all of L.A. I can’t sing their praises enough. If you’re looking for fantastic service come to Hudson House (shoutout to the Hostesses who set the bar high). The menu is American, East Coast, cozy, and straight-forward fare. Comfort food items include a bomb Mac N Cheese, The Cheeseburger, the ‘Big Brother’ Lobster Roll, and the raw bar specializing in East Coast oysters. They also have house made chips on the appetizer list that is served with guacamole (an L.A. staple). The guac came in a double stacked lump and was delicious as it was fresh. But have to admit, I ate more chips than I could hold down. They were that good and truly the best I’ve had here in the city. 

Overall, the vibe and cuisine was truly a 10 out of 10. I can see a bright and beautiful future for this restaurant and can’t wait to go back.  Check out our gallery below.
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