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Closet Clean Out: The Ultimate Guide to Successful Selling on Poshmark

Poshmark is our favorite social marketplace for selling clothing, accessories, home decor, and more. Whether you’re brand new to selling on Poshmark or already a frequent poster, we’re spilling all the best tips on how to seriously level up your sales and sell with success on Poshmark.

Best Items to Sell on Poshmark

Ladies, it’s time to Marie Kondo your closets. That sweater you’ve worn 100 times? Poshmark it. A pair of jeans that never fit quite right? To Poshmark they go! Those earrings that are too heavy to wear? Out with them! While it’s easiest to sell items with brand names, you might be surprised by the items Poshmark shoppers are looking for. You can sell just about anything, new or used, that fits within Poshmark’s marketplace categories- which include Men, Women, Kids, Home, Beauty and more. It’s more challenging to sell generic items that can’t easily be searched for or found (e.g. no brand or no unique differentiators).

How to Take Amazing Poshmark Photos

Start by taking several photos of your item in natural lighting with a neutral background. For dresses or other hanging items, photograph on a hanger against a closed door. All Poshmark photos will be cropped to a square, so it’s easiest to take your photos in a square ratio to begin with. Next, search the web for retail photos of your item. If you can’t easily find it, try snapping a picture with Google Lens which allows you to, brilliantly, search by photo rather than text. It’s great to use a professional photo for your listing’s cover photo. If you have pictures wearing the item IRL, include those in your posting as well! Be sure to thoroughly photograph and document any and all damage to your item. Poshmark has strict a no-return policy for buyers unless the item was inaccurately described in the posting, so err on the side of over-sharing details on the condition.

How to Price Your Listing on Poshmark

Spend some time researching the appropriate price for your listing, including its original retail price, the current demand for such an item (is it trending on Tik Tok?), and what similar items have sold for on Poshmark (filter by Sold status). There are a few things to keep in mind when it comes to Poshmark pricing. First, Poshmark will charge you (the seller) a 20% fee per item sold. Next, your buyer will be responsible for paying the shipping fee.

If you’re thinking of selling an H&M top for $10, your buyer will end up paying roughly $18 plus tax, and you’ll only net $8, which is why you’ll have a harder time selling cheaper items. Buyers have the option to “bundle” several of your listings and pay a single flat shipping fee. It’s best to set your list price 10-20% higher than you intend to sell the item for so you can send a 10-20% discount to potential buyers who “like” your listing. Keep in mind that you must offer at least a 10% discount to notify your likers.

Pricing Breakdown

Let’s consider this amazing Goldbergh Snowmass ski jacket that we’re obsessing over, which retails for $1,149. If the item is currently in stock and readily available online, consider listing it for $900, and ultimately selling it for $800 (of which you will earn 80% after Posh fees- so $640). If the same jacket sells out on retail sites, the demand goes up, and you can sell your item for closer to its original retail price- especially if it’s the only one in that size on Poshmark.

Writing the Perfect Poshmark Listing Description

SEO is your friend here, my friends. Describe colors, patterns, and unique details using as many keywords as possible so that your listing will surface easily as buyers search.

Pro tip: copy these tags and paste them into every one of your listings: fall pool winter spring summer 90s holiday party boho bridesmaid date night Sexy trending contemporary classic trendy homecoming dance prom classy casual minimalist formal gown prom ball holiday party tiktok classy chic Resort summer wedding guest festival date night cruise Bohemian vintage flirty hippie bohemian chic trendy beach tropical vacation coachella spring Boho hippie 60’s 70’s beachy western pool coachella winter fall birthday gift resort bohemian girly trendy date night minimalist guest engagement Christmas NYE New Years bachelorette cruise travel vibe retro holiday chic casual dressy valentines cruise instagram

Maximizing Your Poshmark Sales by Sharing Items Often

The real key to selling on Poshmark is sharing your items, and sharing them frequently (at least once a day). The more actively you’re sharing, the more you’ll sell. When a buyer searches for an item, listings are sorted by most recently shared, and you want your listing to be at the top.

Shipping Your Items and Getting Paid

Your buyer will pay a flat rate shipping fee as part of the sale, and Poshmark will immediately send you (the seller) a prepaid USPS label via email. Simply print the label, nicely package your item, and bring to your local post office or shipping store. We love using these sparkly pink bubble mailers! The buyer has three days to “accept” the delivered item, at which time the funds will be released to you within the Poshmark app. If your item was not as described or there is an issue with the order, the buyer can open a case with Poshmark to request a refund, so it’s important to accurately describe each listing. If you want to see these tips in action, check out this Poshmark Ambassador closet.

Happy selling, babes! Now check out these cool LA boutiques for more unique finds.