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10 Hidden Spots in Los Angeles You Need to Check Out Today

Los Angeles is filled with many nooks & crannies, which give it its unique personality. It’s easy to find yourself discovering something new everyday, whether you accidentally stumble upon it or are intentionally exploring. Without further ado, here’s the scoop on 10 hidden spots in Los Angeles you should definitely check out!

1. GRAMMY Museum: Nestled in the Heart L.A. Live

WHY: Studio tours offer drive-around, recreated experience of your favorite LA moments, meanwhile, this museum welcomes you to 4 floors of moving speeches, authentic history of your favorite music icons, immersive “concert-like” experiences, where you can hear your favorite song exactly the way it would have sounded from a record in 1880-2021,  or get intimate with specific artists that the museum showcases in private “cinematic” rooms. This month’s exhibit is Marco Antonio Solís (pictured below.) Get ready for this month’s Latin GRAMMYS November 18th by immersing yourself in the music of Los Bukis. One of the best kept secret in LA is that the venue’s private theater casually welcomes huge stars weekly and is open to the public (shhh.) This month you can see Darren Chris & last month the theater welcomed artists like Nas & Migos. HINT: get on their newsletter to find out which artists are visiting (first) & you never know who you’ll see walking through the floors during your iconic, historic, inspirational day-out. Booking is easy and cheap. More info HERE.

Quick Copy/Paste Location: 800 West Olympic Blvd. Los Angeles CA 90015    

2. St. Vincent’s Court: DTLA 

WHY: Sometimes, we’re nostalgic for a European excursion and the city of paris, even while we’re in the city of Angels. Within the bustling streets of the Downtown Jewelry District lies a small European-style alley. Originally St. Vincent’s College, this court features a reminiscent style of what Paris would look like on a stroll out! With the giant cappuccino cup and the fountain, a little piece of the city of love is brought to you!

Quick Copy/Paste Location: 650 South Hill Street Los Angeles, California 90014

3. The Last Book Store

WHY: Because books are back! And this space is as close to “Harry Potter” IRL as it gets. The Last Book store is adorned with local art and is a marvel for many visitors. It’s stacked, warped and bellowing shelves will transport you to another time. The store sell new and used books as well as records. It spans two floors and boasts an exciting variety of titles. The space is so magical, Los Angeles favorites like the late Kobe Bryant  sat within its walls for photo shoots and the space is frequently booked as a favorite for private events.

Quick Copy/Paste Location: 453 South Spring Street Los Angeles CA 90013 (Ground Floor)

NOTE: For visitors or locals: The last 3 Hidden spots can be done in one morning/afternoon/evening & are located near each other in Down town Los Angeles.

4. The Hollywood Forever Cemetery: Hollywood 

WHY: It’s a signature hidden spot and a bit spooky when you’re there alone. The Hollywood Forever Cemetery is a vast personal walking tour of Hollywood history. LA notables like Los Angeles  Times publisher, Harry Chandler & Griffith J. Griffith, without whom, Griffith Observatory would not exist, reside in this hideen spot along with many stars and epic movie makers. Secret: you can social in this cemetery. The space opens annually for summer movies nights on the lawn and many other cultural events throughout the year.

Copy/Paste Location: 6000 Santa Monica Blvd. Los Angeles CA 90038

5. The Chandelier Tree

WHY: Because one gentleman started this tradition with the simple goal of making onlookers smile. The Chandelier Tree in Silver Lake continues to light up the night sky with the beautiful dripping crystals! What started as one man’s gift to the neighborhood has become a must-see. This marvel is maintained lcoally, so we recommend checking whether or not its open before making your way through the neighborhood. (Photo courtesy of Farin bacani.)

Copy/Paste Location: W. Silver Lake Dr. &, Shadowlawn Ave, Los Angeles CA 90039

6. The Bronson “Bat” Caves

WHY: If you’re a hiker, this one is a must. Na-na-na-na-na Batman! Channel your inner Batman at this old quarry which has been a filming location for dozens of films and television shows, including the original Batman series! The caves are up a short dirt path from the Bronson Canyon entrance and two steep trails that lead to the Bronson Ridge Trail, towards the Observatory. The below photo is from Batman 1966 TV Show.

Copy/Paste Location: 3200 Canyon Dr, Los Angeles, CA 90068

7. The Wayfarers Chapel  

WHY: In general, if you’re on the West Coast and  haven’t taken a trip to Rancho Palos Verdes (or “PV” as the locals call it,) you’re missing out. The Wayfarers Chapel in Rancho Palos Verdes feels like a coastal oasis. Designed by Lloyd Wright as a “tree chapel,” it is set among a stand of redwoods with elegant windows that blend the spaces to create the sensation of being both outside and inside. Find out more HERE.

Copy/Paste Location: 5755 Palos Verdes Dr S, Rancho Palos Verdes, CA 90275

8. The Blind Barber, Speakeasy

WHY: Who doesn’t want to enter a speakeasy from a quaint, unsuspecting barber shop? This prohibition style speakeasy usually goes unnoticed by folks. Enter through a real barber shop where with your haircut you get a cocktail from the back room. Then open the unmarked door on the back wall, turn the corner around the hallway and you’re there, a 1920s-styled speakeasy with a grilled cheese sandwich menu that is to die for! Reservations (for cuts or their “backroom” can be made HERE.)

Copy/Paste Location: Culver City, 10797 Washington Blvd, Culver City, CA 90232

9. Venice Canals

WHY: It’s a very cute walk and a gorgeous opportunity for “home gazing” too. Between the Venice Boardwalk and Abbot Kinney, lies a series of canals, perfect for a walk on the west side. If you weren’t looking, you’d walk right by them. (Photo under licensed Unsplash.)

Location: Off 25th street in Venice Beach 

10. Will Rogers Memorial Park, Beverly Hills 

WHY: It’s simple, stunning and right across the street from The Beverly Hills Hotel (Highly Under-rated.) This beautiful park is the perfect place to take a moment for yourself or spend some quality time with friends/family. It’s round shape gives way to a small walking path, with a fountain and live turtles situated at the center. Squirrels line the tall trees and there’s built in (clean) restrooms in case you brought your water bottle. NOTE: This park is not a trail and is best for quaint strolls, reading or sitting. One half faces the neighborhoods of Beverly Hills and the other opens to the iconic Beverly Hills Hotel right across the street. Image source: Christophe Choo.

Copy/Paste location: 800-876 N. Cannon Dr. Beverly Hills 90210

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