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10 Hidden Spots in Los Angeles You Should Definitely Check Out

Hidden Spots in Los Angeles - St. Vincent's Court

Los Angeles is filled with many little nooks and crannies, which give it its unique personality. And it’s easy to find yourself discovering something new everyday, whether you accidentally stumble upon it or are intentionally exploring. Intrigued? I know I am! So without further ado, here’s the scoop on 10 hidden spots in Los Angeles you should definitely check out!

St. Vincent’s Court

Within the bustling streets of the Downtown Jewelry District lies a small European-style alley. Originally St. Vincent’s College, this court features a reminiscent style of what of Paris would look like! With the giant cappuccino cup and the fountain, a little piece of the city of love is brought to you!

The Chandelier Tree

The Chandelier Tree in Silver Lake continues to light up the night sky with the beautiful dripping crystals! What started as one man’s gift to the neighborhood has become a must-see!

The Bronson “Bat” Caves

Na-na-na-na-na Batman! Channel your inner Batman at this old quarry which has been a filming location for dozens of films and television shows, including the original Batman series! The caves are up a short dirt path from the Bronson Canyon entrance and two steep trails that lead to the Bronson Ridge Trail, towards the Observatory.

The Wayfarers Chapel

The Wayfarers Chapel in Rancho Palos Verdes feels like a coastal oasis! Designed by Lloyd Wright as a “tree chapel,” it is set among a stand of redwoods with elegant windows that blend the spaces to create the sensation of being both outside and inside.

The Time Travel Mart

Calling all time travelers! Buy your savvy supplies here! Browse for ray guns, a robot toupee, or a portable black hole at this convenience store! All proceeds go to 826LA, a nonprofit dedicated to supporting the creative writing of kids.

The Blind Barber

This prohibition style speakeasy usually goes unnoticed by folks. Enter through a real barber shop where with your haircut you get a cocktail from the back room. Then open the unmarked door on the back wall, turn the corner around the hallway and you’re there, a 1920s-styled speakeasy with a grilled cheese sandwich menu that is to die for!

Amir’s Garden

Amongst the trails of Griffith Park lies Amir’s Garden! Rebuilt by Amir Dialameh after a brushfire in 1970 as a firebreak, it is still home to many beautiful native plants and continues to caters to many hikers today! Explore one of the many side trails or relax under the shade of the trees in the garden plaza!

Spoke Bicycle Cafe

Spoke Bicycle Cafe opens right onto the LA River Bike Path in Elysian Valley and is home to cyclists, joggers, and dog walkers! Their main goal is to help create a more bikeable, walkable, livable Los Angeles. They offer expert bike repairs, a large bicycle rental fleet along with other community events.

Frogtown Brewery

A dream for long time friends and home brewers has become a reality, a brewery a community can call their own! They also sell home brew supplies for at-home alcohol alchemists, and feature seasonal and experimental beers! Cheers!

The end of Old Mulholland Highway

Known for its serpentine route, but what many don’t know is that the end of the Mulholland Highway is a series of dirt trails that lead into Griffith Park. The trails features dense cacti and succulents, and a willow tree. Right will take you to Durand Drive while left will continue on the OMH trail.


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Featured Image Source: Flickr – Candice Montgomery