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Meet Heidi Nazarudin, Founder of The Ambitionista & Marque Media

Heidi Nazarudin and Gwen Lane - FocusTV

I’ve been a fan girl of Heidi Nazarudin for years now! When I finally met her in person at a blogger conference, I was so happy that she was exactly how I imagined – down-to-Earth and so nice! We were already commenting on each other’s posts and since then, I’ve connected and seen her speak at many events.

I was truly honored when she agreed to be a guest on my interview show with FocusTV.

Watch our interview to hear Heidi talk about:

  • Where she’s from and how she made her way to LA
  • Her most fun LA experience (Spoiler: She loves culture, seeing shows like Hamilton)
  • How she motivated herself in the beginning when writing in her blog, The Ambitionista
  • One of the coolest brand she’s worked with (Hint: It’s not a fashion brand!)
  • How she gets spoiled by luxury brands like Rolls-Royce
  • Her biggest tip for aspiring bloggers
  • How she juggles running 3 companies
  • What keeps her motivated
  • Her dream travel destinations

Heidi says “Instagram is like the first date. Everything is beautiful and it’s just the highlight reel of my life.” She talks about how she differentiates each channel and how she keeps it real on Instagram Stories and Facebook. She shares that she feels a great sense of freedom when she shares that side of her life.

She even shares some secrets about something she never does and what she’s not good at!

In addition to running The Ambitionista, she also manages her new company, Marque Media, a branding and social media management agency.

Learn about:

  • What questions she ask her Marque Media clients
  • Why she loves working with brands

Her third company, The Boss Box, is a quarterly subscription box which includes an educational component with tools and skills to run a business.

Learn more about Heidi Nazarudin by checkout out her website and following her on Instagram!