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2017 Holiday Gift Guide: 10 Awesome Gifts for Guys That You Love

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Women catch a lot of flack for being difficult to shop for, but we all know that men are IMPOSSIBLE to shop for! We’ve made life a little easier on you this year with a guy gift guide for all the men in your life. Here are 10 awesome gifts for guys that you love!

Gifts for Dad

Personalized Cutting Board

If your dad is a chef, he’ll love a personalized cutting board for his culinary creations. He’ll feel like he’s on Top Chef every time he whips something up.

Dad Joke Sweater

Is every text from your dad followed by a face palm or sigh, a funny “dad joke” sweater is sure to be his favorite present this year. If it sings, lights up, or has attachments, it’s a home run!


Gift guide for guys: dad joke sweater

Photo: Get on Fleek

Gifts for Brothers


The jerky lover in your live would love any of The People’s Choice beef jerky. The gift boxes have an assortment of spicy, savory, and sweet jerky, so there is definitely going to be at least one flavor he’ll love.

gift guide for the guys peoples jerky

Tie Flask

Help your brother realize his secret agent dreams with this hidden flask tie from the Spy Museum. He may just be sneaking alcohol into a party, but he’ll feel ultra cool.

Gifts for Grandpa

Shave Kit

Treat grandpa to new shaving products with a curated shave kit like the Gentleman Jon Complete Wet Shave Kit. Instead of the normal chore of shaving, these new products will make it an exciting event.

Mystery Tackle Box

For a gift that keeps on giving, subscribe your grandpa to the Mystery Tackle Box. He’ll receive about $25 of fishing gear monthly in three, six, or 12 month durations. Help him discover new products for his next fishing trip!


Gifts for the Best Friend


Sunnies are one-size-fits all, and since chances are you know your BFFs style pretty well, sunglasses are a perfect gift. Classic wayfarers are always a hit, or try something more trendy like these clubmasters.

Tabletop Pool Set

Your Secret Santa woes are solved – this tabletop pool set is affordable and sure to brighten up your work hubby’s desk. 

gift guide for the guys: desk pool table

Photo: Target

Gifts for Boyfriends

Growler of His Favorite Beer

Getting a growler of beer from his favorite local brewery like Angel City or Eagle Rock is a thoughtful (and delicious!) gift.

Tickets to a Sporting Event

For the sports lover, tickets to see his favorite team is an ideal gift. Bonus points for not complaining when he brings you along!

Now that the guys are taken care of, check out this gift guide is for all the ladies in your life.