6 Perfect Gifts for Every LA Girl

The LA Girl Gifts for Every LA Girl

I don’t know about you, but giving gifts is one of my great joys in life. Picking out the perfect present whether it’s for your BFF, sister, or office bestie is a gift within itself. If you need a little inspiration, here is The LA Girl’s holiday gift guide for every LA Girl.

For the Go-Getter:

90x Planner

This ain’t your grandma’s planner. Break your goals down into achievable, trackable steps with the oh-so-chic 90x Goal Planner. Get this for your organized go-getter friend and prepare for a numerous amount of “thank you” hugs.

90x Planner

A Cute Phone Case

Phone cases are the perfect Secret Santa gift because they’re not expensive and can be personalized based on your Secret Santa’s interests. Scope out Etsy for a cute succulent case that Karen with the plants in her office will love, or a glittery case for your fabulous boss.

Knock Knock

I use Knock Knock pads and stickies daily to keep me organized. These clever gifts are so cute – perfect for your quirky friend.

Knock Knock

For the Fashionista:

Eyelash Extensions at Maud’s

Who doesn’t want long, battable eyelashes? I couldn’t recommend Maud’s more highly. Pick up a gift certificate for a dream present that any girl would be thrilled to receive. While you’re there, book an appointment for yourself!

Tartan Throw Blanket

Super cute and impossible to buy in the wrong size – this is a gift-giver’s dream! The oh-so-soft Tartan throw is perfect for a secret Santa or gift for your BFF.

For the One Who Loves to be Cozy:

Cast Iron Skillet

Do you have a friend who loves to cook or wants to practice their chef skills? They will be thrilled to unwrap a cast iron skillet – one piece of kitchenware that you keep for decades. These babies collect flavor every time you use them, so the more you use your skillet the more delicious the food gets! As a bonus, every time she uses it she’ll be reminded of you.

Scented Candle

You know who DOESN’T like candles? No one. This is a great gift if you need to fit one last gift into your holiday budget – you can get a great Bath & Body Works candle for less than $30, or splurge on a pricier Diptyque candle.

Done shopping? It’s time to treat. yo. self. with one of these awesome events happening around Los Angeles this December.