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Ghost Hunting in LA by Ghostly Activities

Suicide Bridge of Pasadena in LA

Ghost Hunting in LA

Watch out, LA! We’ve got a ghost hunter in our midst. He happens to be a former colleague, a good friend of mine and has been hunting ghosts for years. Jacob Rice, a founding member of Ghostly Activities, has chronicled many paranormal encounters including ones in Chicago, Bucks County, PA, University of Wisconsin, and here in LA. He’s hunted ghosts in mental hospitals, actual haunted houses, old universities, and even had an encounter in his own home.


Ghostly Activities founder, Jacob Rice, is hunting in Los Angeles

About Ghostly Activities

According to Jacob, Ghostly Activities “tends to blend science and psychical research.” He uses scientific research equipment, while his partner, Saleen Graham, is the parapsychology expert. 

He wrote up on the ghostly activities on Suicide Bridge in Pasadena.”Today, more than 150 people have killed themselves, most recently in June 2013,” he says. He talks of several ghosts haunting the bridge including a man wearing glasses, the “leaping lady,” and the woman who had thrown her baby off the bride and then proceeded to take her own life. A twist in that story is that the baby’s fall was saved by a tree and survived. Her ghost has been said to ask people if they’ve seen her baby. Read more about the hauntings of the Suicide Bridge.

Suicide Bridge of Pasadena in LA

There are ghosts known to haunt the Suicide Bridge of Pasadena in LA

If you feel that there are ghostly activities happening where you live or at a certain location, use Ghostly Activities’ Guide to Ghostly Types to determine what is haunting you. He explains the difference between an apparition and a poltergeist. He also gives you some books to read if you’re interested in finding out more.

Queen Mary Ghost Hunt by Ghostly Activities

Queen Mary Ghost Hunt by Ghostly Activities

Read about his latest ghost hunt on the Queen Mary in Long Beach, CA.  Do you know any haunted spots in LA? Comment below with your top haunted spots!