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Fun Things to do in LA This Weekend: Group Hike, Free Museums, Wine Tasting, and Night on Broadway

Fun Things to Do in LA: Night on Broadway

There’s some amazing events happening every day in LA, but this weekend is extra special. I am hosting a free event with We Like LA, a group hike up to the Hollywood Sign. I will also be attending a premiere wine tasting event. I’m hoping after that I’ll be able to attend Night on Broadway, a free event featuring food, entertainment, arts, and culture. Tweet me @thelagirl if you’re coming to any of these events!

Hike to Hollywood Sign Event with We Like LA

Fun Things to Do in LA: Hollywood Sign Hike

Photo Credit: exergy_

I am co-hosting a group hike up to the Hollywood Sign with We Like LA and we’ll be heading up to the Hollywood Sign at 7:30am this Saturday, January 31st. We will be meeting at the Bronson Canyon Trail. We Like LA and I have started a Meetup Group to do fun events in the city, so make sure you sign up and join us!

Free Museum Day

Over 20 museums will be participating in Free Museum Day this Saturday, January 31. This event includes LACMA, MOCA, Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, and more!

Bordeaux Wine Tasting Event 

Fun Things to do in LA: Bordeaux Tasting

Photo Credit: Wally’s Wine & Spirits

Wally’s Wine & Spirits presents The UGC Bordeaux Tasting featuring over 100 wines. This event will be held at The Museum of Flying at Santa Monica Airport on Saturday, January 31 from 2-5pm. Winos will get the opportunity to taste 2012 vintage from over 10 French wineries.

Night on Broadway

Fun Things to Do in LA: Night on Broadway

Night on Broadway is a free, all-ages event celebrates the 7th Anniversary of Councilmember Huizar’s Bringing Back Broadway. There will be performances in several theaters on Broadway in Downtown Los Angeles including Los Angeles Theater, The Million Dollar Theater, Globe Theater, Palace Theater, Orpheum Theater, and more!

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