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From Here to Where Season 2 Launches in Los Angeles


Bachelor Nation, Boss Babes around Los Angeles, Influencers, Doctors and more, hosted at FashionPass Founder’s private residence and supported by brands like Mexico-distilled tequila, Dulce Vida. Women gathered to celebrate Podcast Host & Personality Sarah Trott, for the season 2 launch of her female focussed lifestyle podcast From Here to Where.


The show focusses on “finding the beauty in the zig zag trajectory” that is present in the lives of women- financially, emotionally & professionally. But you thought the show was all that was celebrated? Nope, the event sealed the CEO-WORTHY deal by rolling out a new line of From Here to Where merchandise & essentially turned the venue into a make shift shopping spree for attendees, who each left with two pieces from the collection- hoodies and biker shorts. 


Well, to celebrate (duh) because no one needs a reason to leave the house anymore. These days, a walk to get coffee counts as a vacation. But more importantly, women fostered new connections and spread the word that 10% of the show’s merchandise goes to support The ALS foundation, an organization near and dear to Sarah’s heart, her father was diagnosed with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis in 2016. She has since, incorporated a large initiative to support this cause through her work.

More Photos of the evening’s festivities, partners & more (courtesy of Molly Torian)