How to Find Love in LA 101

Dating in LA

Let’s all let out our communal scream of frustration – ahhh, better. Dating in Los Angeles is notoriously difficult, but that doesn’t mean it’s impossible. The creator of The LA Girl, Gwen, herself met her hubby Luke on a hike!

If you’re tired of feeling lonely and understanding all to well how terms like “breadcrumbing” and “ghosting” have become part of our daily lingo, never fear. Here are some of our favorite tried-and-true ways to date in Los Angeles:

Download A Dating App

The most common way people are meeting in LA is through apps like Bumble and Hinge.

Maximize your matches by optimizing your profile. Choose photos of you doing something you love (skip the mirror selfies) where you’re the main focus of the photo. Add a funny quote in the caption and wait for the matches to roll in.

Have A Meet Cute

Yes, it is possible to meet someone in real life! The trick is to get out and do things that you like to do to meet like-minded cuties – take your pup on a hike, stock up on some new books at Book Soup or the Last Bookstore, or take hot yoga. Don’t be afraid to strike up a conversation with the person who nailed their warrior pose or who is stuck next to you in traffic! What could be more romantic than that?

Join A Meetup Group

From networking to social to volunteer groups, there are tons of meet up events you can join on Eventbrite to meet new people.

If you are a freelancer or work from home, consider heading to a co-working space a few times a week to get out of the house. You never know who you’ll meet reaching for a mug in the kitchen!

Hire A Matchmaker/Dating Coach

Not having luck with online dating? It may be time to call in some professional help. Hiring a matchmaker can help you meet someone of quality (and you’re less likely to get ghosted) who is looking for a real relationship.

Once you’ve met a special someone, why not plan a Valentine’s Day they’ll never forget?