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9 Effective Ways to Find A Job in Los Angeles

Job hunting is hard. So hard that the internet has coined the phrase “job-searching blues.” Finding the perfect job, crafting your resume and knowing all the rules that go along with the process is complicated and always changing. But we’ve got your back! As ladies with plenty of job-hunting experience, we want to provide you with 9 effective ways to find a job in Los Angeles so that you can land that job and get paid!

Make a List

If you’re starting from the bottom with nowhere to go, it’s important to define exactly what you want. What does your dream job look like? Where do you see yourself in ten years? What are 5 adjectives you’d like to describe your career-self as? The sooner you define these characteristics, the sooner you can find not just any job, but the perfect job.

Think Positive

There’s nothing worse than looking for a new job. Maybe you’re juggling the search with your current job or maybe you’re currently not working yet and feeling lost. But take it from a girl who’s been unemployed once or twice (or thrice), it gets better. People will only see your beautiful and worthy attributes if you seem them and put them out there. Keep your nose to the grind and keep hunting, but make sure to give yourself some love through positive affirmations, journaling and the occasional spa day.

Look to Your Network

In LA, your job search will only be as good as your connections in your address book. Networking is key and looking to your inner circle will help you push past online job posting sites like Monster or Indeed. So dig out those business cards, call some old friends and maybe ask your family for a little help in the right direction. Limited on some solid connections? Try local job fairs, meet and greets, job-specific Facebook groups and conferences to find some quality connections.

Amp Up Your Social Media Game

These days, there’s more to social media than just pokes and tweets. Companies will check out your social media accounts for experience with these marketing tools, popularity, engagement and plain ol’ inappropriate pictures from the weekend! They will also check your LinkedIn, a business network similar to Facebook. If your LinkedIn isn’t filled with connections, endorsements and references, you need to up your game ASAP. Ask previous employers to exchange recommendations and make sure to get a professional photo taken for your profile (leave those cute selfies for Snapchat).

Get a Second Opinion

This day and age, qualifications changing. Your once beautiful resume may suddenly be out of date. But all you need is a fresh perspective. Take your resume, cover letter and references for a makeover. This could be through a friend you trust or a local resume-writing workshop. Either way, make sure that your resume is stellar and matches the current look and feel of the times.

Don’t Be Afraid to Start at the Bottom

Something that holds a lot of us back in the professional world is our egos. While we all want are 6-figure paychecks and corner offices, lest we forget that we all need to start somewhere and gain some practice. Maybe you can’t find anything above minimum wage or maybe you have to sacrifice some job perks. The economy is a fickle system and sometimes we need to take jobs that we may not feel is up to our standards. But it is this dose of reality that everyone must go through, keeping us grateful, humble and human when we’ve finally made our way to the top.

But Don’t Be Afraid to Stand Up For Yourself

That being said, you know what you’re worth. If you have invaluable experience or amazing skills for a particular job, don’t be afraid to get down and dirty when negotiating.your salary or other types of compensation. Know where your bottom line is and stand by it. If you’re sacrificing more than you are comfortable with, it will only come back to bite you in the butt later.

Call On Some Help

If all of these tactics aren’t working, there is nothing wrong with asking for outside help. Headhunters and recruiters are individuals whose job is to get you a job. The options they present you may not be your first or second choice, but the experience and connections you may make at these jobs are priceless.

Never Stop Learning

Whether you’ve got the job or are still on the hunt, you always need to hone your craft. From languages to computer literacy to getting a degree, being the best of the best does not just happen overnight. The most successful business moguls are always learning a new trade secret to put them on top, and as they say, imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.

So come on, ladies! Put those skills to work and land that job! With a little perseverance and these 9 effective ways to find a job in Los Angeles, you’re sure to land the career of your dreams.

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