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Fashion Preview: Making The Cut

Looking for a Sex and the City/Gossip Girl blend of wardrobe TV? Back when the first quarantine of 2020 hit, THIS SHOW premiered. Not only did I keep up episode to episode over zoom calls with our Art Director, but I even bought some of the clothes from the show. I’m a sucker for fashionable TV, so here’s a preview of the outfits coming on Season 2, out now and filmed in beautiful Malibu!

Insider tip: Enjoy and remember, the winning look from each episode is manufactured and sold on Amazon after the show (so if you want to “wear what you see” I’d log on in the morning when each week!) Can you tell I was addicted.

Two more reminders for Fashionistas who like style-worthy television: The Gossip Girl Reboot is out now on HBO Max, Sex and The City re-runs are also there (with a sequel film currently in production.) And if for some crazy reason you missed Emily in Paris, it just earned an Emmy Nom and is still available on Netflix. Happy binging, babes!