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Farmhouse Thai Kitchen: LA’s Most Enchanting & Spicy Twist on Thai Food

The moment you step into the world of Farmhouse Thai Kitchen, a captivating scene unfolds: a delightful blend of whimsical color greets you as you await a taste that will ignite the senses. We were thrilled to see Farmhouse Thai Kitchen, located at 5560 West Adams Blvd in Los Angeles, make its appearance in LA. Just a little history for ya. Farmhouse Thai is one of our favorite places and go to meals in San Francisco, which, was consistently voted the “Best Thai Restaurant” in San Francisco by Michelin Bib Gourmand 2016 – 2019.  We were pleasantly surprised to see the same level of dedication, freshness, flavor and fun to our hometown spot.  A pink neon sign declaring “Hello Gorgeous” welcomes you with open arms. Adjacent to it, a plush rose-adorned wall creates an enchanting backdrop, while a life-sized white horse statue adds a touch of camp to the scene. This is just the beginning. From the playful flamingo bowls adorning the walls to the drink umbrellas and flowers that add a touch of flair, every detail at Farmhouse Thai Kitchen is carefully curated to captivate and delight.

The Drinks

You can’t help but smile at Farmhouse’s charming drink menu. Whether you’re into cocktails or “mocktails “there’s something fun for everyone. First up, we tried the Hello Gorgeous cocktail. It’s a mesmerizing concoction of Sake Rum, Pink Guava, Homemade Aromatic Jasmine Earl Grey Cordial and zesty orange bitters stirred together in a diamond shaped glass under a LED lit up diamond. If it sounds extra, it is (but in the best way). We also tried it as a “mocktail” and it was just as delicious. The Make a Wish magical cocktail is served in an Aladdin themed tea set. After the first sip, we’re pretty sure you’ll ask the genie for a second round. The drink has notes of hibiscus and grapefruit and the tray on which it is served also comes with  cheesecake treats.

For the feline fans, the Meow Mule is an adorable drink of sabe vodka, spicy ginger and lime served in an adorable kitten mug. Farmhouse Thai loves to see a big group share. We recommend the Single and Ready to Flamingo drink. It’s a family style punch bowl served in, you guessed it, a giant rose gold flamingo shaped bowl. 

The Appetizers 

We made a great choice by going with the Neua Num Tok Rolls, an exquisite dance of Grilled Snake River Farm Wagyu Flank Steak wrapped with mint, cilantro, and cucumber. This is a great pick for these hot summer days and a great option if you are planning on your main dish to be on the heavier side (noodles, rice based, etc.). The Mieng Kum Kung are buttery crispy-crusted tiger prawns that come in a zesty mixture of lime, ginger, onion, roasted coconut and peanuts with tamarind reduction. This is also a delicious and lighter choice and is the best dish to go around the table. =

Main Course Marvels 

There are two superstars that you may have already seen on your social media algorithm if you’re an LA foodie. First, the Lobster Pad Thai is a show stopping creation and something the whole table will want to snap pics of. Maine Lobster, tiger prawns and delicate rice noodles are the bed for an entire lobster ( bring an empty stomach). We witnessed a first date choose this as their option and they had the whole restaurant laughing as they got to know each other through every opulent forkful. The Volcano Noodles are spicy noodles stir-fried with their house God-mother sauce and are served with braised short-ribs, bell peppers, white onions, thai eggplant and crispy basil. We don’t want to spoil the presentation as it’s pretty funny, but let’s just say you’ll feel like someone took college dorm food and elevated it to many levels. For those seeking more traditional dishes, the Hat Yai Fried Chicken and 24-hour Beef Noodle Soup are two hearty must-tries. For the true spice enthusiast, the Kang Kua Prawns are tossed in a one of a kind SPICY Southern Curry dashed with red turmeric, kaffir lime leaves and served in a young halved coconut. The dish comes with a bounty of fresh from the garden rosemary and mint herbs atop their signature beautiful blue jasmine rice. 

Pro Tip for Groups and Larger Parties: Farmhouse Thai has some really fun sharing options like the Chai-Yo that allows you to try a few of their popular menu items. The not so little Little Lao Table Set is another great option. It includes fresh rolls, shrimp fried rice, pad thai, lobster tail, and much more. There’s also a large patio out back with plentiful seating, gorgeous statues and water fountains that is wonderful for private parties or group dinners. 

Sweet Endings 

We only had room for a small desert and we’re glad we went with the buttery and decadent Croissant Bread Pudding, which is  smothered with a velvety caramel sauce. Next time we will certainly be choosing the Ruk Na Platter. Its the Chef’s Choice dessert that is described as fun, festive, and IG-worthy. 

Chef Kasem Saengsawang’s desired goal is to make sure people get enough spice in every way and Farmhouse Thai Kitchen dishes it out. Be sure to get a togo box too because you’ll need it. As far as parking, there’s valet or 2 hour street parking in front of the restaurant or on a side street.