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Everything You Need to Know About The Soho Houses in LA

The Scoop: From London to Los Angeles, Soho House has become one of the most iconic social hubs where creatives can connect, collaborate, and enjoy. Soho House has made its mark in the US and across the world with locations in Sweden, Greece, France, Italy and more! This global social club carefully curates an environment that allows creatives from various industries to meet in a place of luxury, privacy and productivity. If you are looking for more info on Soho House, your favorite LA Girl (us) gathered everything you need to know about the various houses in LA.

Soho House West Hollywood

(Members Only, Must Have an Invitation)

Address: 9200 Sunset Blvd, West Hollywood, CA 90069

First we have Soho House West Hollywood. This house is IMPRESSIVE, with its amazing interior design, 20 floors and 360 views of Los Angeles. This location has has many members, amazing food options, lounge/meeting areas and event space. With this location being so close to the hills it serves as the perfect place for notable members that you may have heard of like Robert Patterson, Daniel Kaluuya (he was rumored to have had din din just days before his big Oscar win) and other creatives in industries like music and entertainment. The affluence of Soho House Weho stretches beyond the celebrity too. When you order anything from the terrace restaurant, Maya, you’ll see your meal nicely plated on dinnerware you’ve seen in the second season of Hulu’s smash hit, “The Bear.” Jono Pandolfi, the ceramicist and beloved handmade dinnerware brand, has collaborated with Soho House to provide his quality ceramics. He only does this with a few restaurants and chefs in the world, so consider this location lucky. But don’t try to take a photo of anything, because Soho House Weho and a no camera policy.

Pro Tip: If you get an invite, or are a first time member, plan your visit accordingly and try not to schedule any zoom or camera required meetings.

Photo By – Eater

Soho Home Melrose

(Open to The Public)

Address: 8540 Melrose Avenue, West Hollywood CA

All around the world Soho House has created signature aesthetic through its iconic furniture selections and interior design. Not too far from Holloway House sits Soho Home Studio on Melrose, this location allows members and customers to browse latest collections from Soho Home and also receive interior design advice from Soho’s team of experts. Most recently, the very trendy venue housed a project for Revolve, including serving as the location to pick up Revolve Fest wrist band tickets in the spring, so we’re expecting nothing but good things from its next (and permanent) tenants. This location  has a cozy coffee shop to relax and admire the Soho Home pieces. If you’ve been waiting for design inspo, visit this location for tips on how to create the perfect space and thank us later!

Photo By – The Hollywood Reporter

Soho Warehouse

(Members Only, Must Have Invitation)

Address: 1000 S Santa Fe Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90021

Located in the arts district of Downtown LA, Soho Warehouse began as an industrial building and recording studio. It now serves as one of LA’s most sought after social hubs. This location is the only one in LA that houses a roof-top swimming pool. Other amenities include a sitting room for connecting and working, the Mandolin Taverna restaurant and bar, and drawing room for events and workshops. The artsy environment and curated space allows for people to admire views and work with inspiration.

Photo By – Conde Nast Traveler

Holloway House

(Members Only, Must Have Invitation)

Address: 8465 Holloway Dr, West Hollywood, CA 90069

The newest house addition to Los Angeles! Holloway House is located in West Hollywood, right down the street from the OG Weho House. This house is known for its beautiful rooftop and stunning views. This location checks all wants and needs with its bar, library, rooftop, restaurant, and lounge area. Notable events are already a part of the equation with notable members like Stella McCartney hosting collection launch events and more, prior to even opening. This house is perfect for anyone that wants to get romanced by LA’s beauty and connect with exclusive happenings, but with much more casual vibes than most of the houses. Before opening, the buzz around LA was that this would be a new home for digital creators. So Tik Tokers: come one, come all.

Photo By – Sunset Magazine

Soho Works

(Open to The Public)

Address: 9000 Sunset Blvd Floor 3, West Hollywood, CA 90069

Work environments can make or break you, the perfect co-working space awaits at Soho Works located in West Hollywood. With gorgeous meeting rooms, lounge areas, lofts and an inclusive communal kitchen this location is prime for collaboration and creativity. Grab a coffee from the kitchen  and work individually or with others in one of the work spaces, your best work is sure to come out of this experience.

Discover more insight about the fabulous Soho Works here!

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Little Beach House Malibu 

(Members Only, Must Have Invitation)

Address: 22716 E Pacific Coast Hwy, Malibu, CA 90265

Perhaps the most exclusive, due to its size and location! Although this is the smallest Soho house amongst all Soho locations, it gives different feels from the other houses in LA. You will find members at this location on a getaway from busy city life and enjoying beautiful, intimate beach views. This house is next door to Nobu Malibu making it the perfect place for great food, warm vibes and maybe even a Hadid or two.

Photo By – Robb-Report