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Meet Lauren and Randi of Every Ella, LA Lifestyle Brand

You are what you wear. There are many clothing brands out there but the ones that make their business about making a difference really stand out. Every Ella is one of those unique brands that make empowerment and charity a primary focus. I asked Lauren and Randi some questions to get to know their LA-based lifestyle brand.

Every Ella

Describe your business in a tweet.
We are a lifestyle brand for GIRLS with a mission to empower through FASHION, fundraise for CHARITY and change the WORLD. #EveryGirlMatters

What is your favorite part of your work?
Being our own boss. We get to be creative and make our own decisions. It’s liberating to see something you’re so passionate about come to life! It also helps that it doesn’t feel like work. When it’s a job that you love, you do it because you enjoy it and you’re willing to work even harder to reach your goals.

Every Ella

What are you most proud of with your business?
The feedback from girls is the most rewarding part. Every single time we receive an email, message or comment from a girl telling us how much she loves our brand, we still get so excited like it’s the first time. To know that you’re making an impact by doing something you love is such a beautiful feeling. Also, writing a check and handing it over to a girl who is running a charity and making the world a better place, that makes us pretty proud too.

What makes your business unique?
We aren’t just a clothing line. We are a community, a mission, a message and a cause. We want every girl who wears an Every Ella shirt to feel empowered about herself and proud to be giving back. It’s also important for us to create original content for our shirts… we love writing our own material that girls can relate to.

Every Ella

Why should people in LA be your customers?
Because let’s be honest, LA can be a hard place to live, especially if you’re a girl. We are constantly comparing and doubting ourselves and trying to live up to the media’s standard of what the perfect woman should be. It’s so important to remind girls that it’s okay to have flaws, it’s okay to be ambitious and go after your dreams and most importantly, we must be kind to one another. Stop the competition. We are all in this together. On top of all that, $3 from every item purchased goes directly to charities dedicated to girls and women… AND the shirts are SO CUTE!

Where do you see your business in 5 years?
We have so many ideas we want to put into fruition. In 5 years, we hope to expand our product selection, do school tours across the country and create our own nonprofit, the Every Ella Foundation. Like we said, we really want to change the world 🙂

What’s been your favorite LA experience?
Los Angeles has the most chronically homeless people in the country, and nearly all of them sleep on the streets. Randi decided to do something about that by creating a yearly drive called “Project Backpacks” to collect backpacks, toiletries, food, gloves, hats, water, etc. Those items are filled in backpacks and delivered to the homeless on the week of Christmas. But it isn’t just a drop-off at a shelter. We, along with volunteers, hand them out personally to the homeless on the street. It’s an overwhelmingly emotional and humbling day. We’re pretty sure, like the Grinch, our hearts grow ten times each Christmas.

To learn more about Every Ella, visit their site or follow them on Instagram.