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Meet Dawn McCoy: Host, Social Media Influencer & Lifestyle Expert

I recently did an on-camera interview with Dawn at Focus TV. We learned more about her story on what brought her to LA, favorite brands she’s worked with and what she’s working on right now.


This is the original post from August 2016:

I remember meeting Dawn at a blogger event and she just had this radiant personality. The clothes were amazing too, but her energy was contagious. I just had to meet her! I’ve run into her several times at different events around LA and I knew I wanted to feature her on my blog. I’d love to introduce you to Dawn McCoy, but you probably know of her already!

Dawn McCoy is a host, motivational speaker, social media influencer, creator of the blog, BeautyFrosting and host and producer of “Dine & Dish with Dawn,” her celebrity interview show where food, wine and giving back are the focal points. Additionally, she’s a frequent guest on Dr.Oz, Hallmark Home & Family, Access Hollywood, Extra, The Real and more. A proponent of “doing good,” she was the official spokesperson & Global Ambassador for Good for Unite4Good in 2015, and is currently an ambassador for No Kid Hungry and Dress For Success. Her #Dear15Me philanthropic social media movement was featured on The Real this past November. As a voiceover actor, she can currently be heard as the voice of Pandora Radio and Hampton Inn. As a social media influencer with over 200k combined followers on her channels, she has become a nationally respected tastemaker. Dawn lives in Los Angeles, with her Maltese, Miss Ellie, in a place called “The Cupcake Palace.” Yes, seriously.

Where are you from?

The land of J.R. Ewing, Mary Kay, Mi Cocina margaritas, Angie Harmon, the Wilson brothers and queso: DALLAS (cue the theme song).

What brought you to Los Angeles?

Oh, I came out here to be an actress, worked as a makeup artist for Trish McEvoy, worked in development for Jerry Bruckheimer Films, as a personal shopper and runner for Barbra Streisand, and ended up joining a band and becoming a country singer/songwriter who moved to Nashville, sang at the Grand Ole Opry and made two records…but DIDN’T make any money. So, I moved back here to LA, worked for Barbra again, worked for social media for Trésemmé, had my heart broken when I broke up with my boyfriend of 7 years, which then inspired me to start a blog called BeautyFrosting (relaunching as “Dawnspiration later this month), and then started living a life I loved. Time and time again I am shown that out of brutal brokenness comes brilliant beauty and bounty.

What’s your favorite thing about LA?

Oooh!! The sunshine. The friendly people. The beach about 15 minutes down the 10. The food community. And, the fact that I can now get real Texas queso at my favorite home away from home, Homestate.

What about LA inspires you?

The creative energy in this city of angels is just PALPABLE. You walk down the street and can almost “feel” the energy of other people’s dreams. It’s like the guy says in “Pretty Woman”: “Welcome to Hollywood! What’s your dream? Everybody comes here!This is Hollywood – land of dreams. Some dreams come true, some don’t, but keep on dreamin’ – this is Hollywood. Always time to dream, so keep on dreamin’.”When I moved to Nashville, I found myself missing the sound and energy of the city…and I really missed the movie billboards. Weird, right? That’s only a New York and LA thing. And, that’s how much I love the magic of Hollywood. I love that everyone who moves here has taken the risk to dare to dream and are living a life they love…or at least trying to. That’s what my newly reconstructed blog, “Dawnspiration,” is all about. I share how I live a life I love to inspire others to live lives they love so that they may inspire others. It’s a beautiful cycle I’m trying to perpetuate here.

Who is your favorite person in LA?

Just one? I can’t. I CAN’T. So, how about 5?

1) Matt Marr – host of the “Dear Mattie Show” who is my best friend, my southern soul sister (even though he’s a guy!), and my voice of reason, love and “truth talk.”

2) Lynn Chen of The Actor’s Diet who taught me that I could both love food and love my body. She is the happiest, coolest little, living angel you ever did meet.

3) That dynamic duo of The Fare Trade, Max Block and Jake Ahles. They are like the ultimate culinary – and, people – connectors.

4) Kelsey Patel – my dear friend, who is a reiki master and meditation coach is a game-changer. No, a LIFE CHANGER. I see her privately and go to her healing reiki meditation circles at The Den on La Brea every Monday to start my week off right.

5) Miss Ellie – my boss – er, I mean – dog. She’s a maltese, and if I don’t mention her, she’ll never forgive me. She’s like Sophia from the Golden Girls (Estelle Getty) meets Suzanne Sugarbaker on Designing Women (Delta Burke). She is my little heart-on-a-leash that just prances around all of Los Angeles, and is the queen of our hood.


Where is your favorite place to go in LA?

I love getting the most pampering mani/pedi on earth at Can Can Parleur and then heading over to the aforementioned Homestate, where I pick up delicious Texas queso and frito pies, and then go occupy the front porch booth next door at Bar Covell, where my friends and I hold court, while being plied with mimosas, micheladas and hefty conversation about how we want to leave this world a better – happier – place than we found it.

P.S. I also love a weekday matinee at the Arclight Culver City or Century City AMC like nobody’s business. It feels like I’m playing hooky!

What is your favorite neighborhood in LA?

Mine! Wilshire Vista, baby – south of San Vicente, north of Pico, west of Cochran, east of Hauser. I can get to WeHo, Hollywood and Beverly Hills in 10 minutes, and downtown and Santa Monica in 20. I can get to both my agents’ offices in the Miracle Mile area in less than 5 minutes.And, I love the diversity and the fact that I see my friends around every corner. I call it my own personal 227, and seriously walk around singing that tune half the time.

What has been your favorite LA experience?

It’s a tie between 4 moments, but they’re good ones!
1) Attending Clive Davis’s pre-Grammys party with Cover Girl this past Grammys 2016 and seeing Carly Simon come out of retirement and perform “You’re So Vain” to a roomful of Hollywood notables singing along,

2) Getting to host the red carpet for the Star Trek Beyond premiere for Vizio this past month (July) at Comic-Con


3) Getting to meet and be charmed by Quincy Jones, while working for Barbra. Seeing Q’s house, filled with Michael Jackson and We Are The World memorabilia was just almost too much for my big-little heart to handle. It was the best reason to ever be late getting back to the office. Fun fact? My secret side goal on my new podcast (and, hopefully future tv show) “Dine & Dish with Dawn” is to interview as many of the people who were part of “We Are The World” as possible. I already had Kim Carnes on, and I want to ask Quincy next. You up for it, Q?

4) Walking around with a smile on my face and returning to my original LA dream of acting in my 2nd Jake Helgren film – Bridal Boot Camp – this past May, and playing the supporting role of wacky, lovable, sensitive Sharon, and getting to be with that warm, welcoming cast and crew.

True dreams never die, rather, they return to you when you least expect them.

You can find Dawn McCoy on:
Instagram: @iamdawnmccoy
Twitter: @iamdawnmccoy