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The LA Girl’s Ultimate Coachella Packing List

Coachella is almost here and hopefully, by now you’ve got your wristband, accommodations, and a ride ready to go! What else are you taking with you? You’ll be in the desert for at least three days and you’ll want to make sure you’re well prepared. Here’s The LA Girl’s Ultimate Coachella Packing List to make sure you bring everything you absolutely need and more.

Coachella Packing List: Clothing


One thing we know about Coachella, it literally turns into a festival season runway. So make sure you pack your crop tops, fringed boots, distressed denim, cowboy hats and crossbody’s. And even though trends matter, comfort is important because one thing we can guarantee, it’s going to get hot out there. Here’s our packing list to cover you for at least 3 days.

2 dresses ( make one a Y2K vibe)
2 pairs of shorts
4 tops
2 bras
8 pairs of underwear( 2 for every day that you’ll be there, I like to sleep in clean underwear)
1 hat
1 rain jacket/poncho
1 sweater or a jacket (so you have something for when it gets cold at night)
2 swimsuits (for the pool parties!)
1 bandana
1 pajama set ( that doubles as a dinner outfit)

Tulum Mini Dress, $168

PatBo Puff Sleeve Top, $450

the Inca Bucket, $148









Ladies, we love waling in heels. But let’s save them for the afterparties. On festival grounds bring the comfys since you will be walking in them for up to 12 hours a day. We’re suggest bringing clean sneakers, like these Air Force One’s,  a pair of Lug Soled boots, and trendy kitten heels for the parties.

Chelsea Platform Lug Sole Boots, $48

Nike Air Force 1, $99

Mule Heel, $159








You don’t want to be carrying too much with you throughout the day. A backpack or a cross-body bag is perfect to keep your hands free. A small purse or wallet with all your essentials should be all you need. Accessories really make an outfit whole, trust us. 

Backpack or Fanny Pack

Small Purse or Wallet

Weekender Duffle Bag

Bandana (for the dust

Fun Shades

Body Chain (to be on trend) 


It’s going to be hot and dusty out there so here’s a list of things that will help you stay clean. Take the hand sanitizer and a small bag of baby wipes with you everywhere, just in case.

We have it all in one place right here.

Wipes (Baby wipes, facial wipes,makeup wipes, anything to clean anything)


Bug spray

Hand sanitizer

Lip balm

Dry Shampoo

Compressed Towels


First Aid Kit



Portable perfume holders

Hair wax sticks (For the flyaways) and portable hair brush/mirror

Refillable water bottle (non-metal)

Earplugs (or eye mask for sleeping)

Face mask (For dust & germs) 

Cash (always good to have it handy!)


Our Coachella Pre-Game Choice:

Have you heard the news? Your classic Jack n’ coke order is now ready to go in seconds, with the launch of Jack Daniel’s and Coca-Cola’s Ready-to-Drink (RTD.) Believe it or not (until this week) the two brands had never officially collaborated, but boy are we thankful they’ve come together. Long gone are the days where fruity cans or energy drinks were our festival go-to. This year, it’s about whiskey. Instacart your pre-game goodies before heading out to the desert. Our LA Girl Editor in Chief joined the brands for their launch soiree in the hills of Hollywood this week: Check out the Behind The Scenes. 









On-The-Go Food & Refreshments:

One thing is for sure, you need to stay hydrated and fueled for whatever Coachella brings your way. We love the ease of grabbing some snack packs from Cedar Foods. Their gluten free hummus and cracker packs are perfect to munch on before getting to the festival or at it. As far as drinks go, we love quenching our thirst with something that is really good for us. We just discovered this really cool company – Halfday Iced Tea. It’s super low sugar, low in calories, good for the gut (thanks prebiotics)and carries some of our favorite iced tea flavors, like Green Tea. The cans are catchy too, and will certainly start some conversations with some festival goers. Here are also a  few more things you’ll need that can make your weekend more enjoyable.



Besides your phone, that’s with you at all times to capture all your special social media moments, here’s what else you’ll need to make sure you have enough power for all your devices.



USB Cable

Portable chargers

Selfie ring light


Great essentials for some Coachella Pool and After Parties. Find out the deets here.