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How to Have the Best (and Safest) Coachella Camping Experience (With List)

Coachella Camping

 iCoachella, the land of fringed boots, flower crowns, delicious food, unforgettable memories, and amazing music. And if you decided to REALLY go for it, you’re Coachella camping. Lucky for you, the campgrounds are a walk and a skip away from the festival which makes it extra fun and extra easy for you and your squad. So to ensure you have a blast, here are 8 tips for the best and safest Coachella camping experience. 

Keep Track Of Your Camping Spot

Camping at Coachella is one of the best ways to make memories, make new friends and hang out with your crew before and after the shows each night. But when you arrive at your spot, whether it be tent camping or car camping, make a note of where you are! There are “street” numbers to help you, but taking a picture of your surroundings never hurts. Be sure to arrive early! Sites are assigned in order of arrival and it’s never fun to set up camp in the dark. But if you wanna skip setting up your own tent, check out the Safari Campgrounds. They offer a luxe “glamping” experience with air-conditioned, furnished accommodations. Check out their rates here.

FYI: only cars, trucks, and vans are allowed at Coachella 2024. Motorcycles, RV’s, trailers and motor homes are not allowed.

Coachella Camping Packing List

Rule no. 1 of Coachella: bring a tent along with you! Tickets for Car campsites are $149 this year, and they offer you 30′ x 10′ of space! Considering that most sedans are 16′ x 6′, these sites have plenty of room for a lofty tent and other essentials.And if you’ve never set up a tent before, save yourself the time and trouble by opting for this instant tent from Beyondhome. It only takes 60 seconds to set up! And in temperatures as high as 90 degrees in Coachella Valley, this tent is a lifesaver. Sleeping bags should be comfy and low maintenance, and this Wawona sleeping bag from The North Face is as comfy as it is cute. But for that extra touch, try this sleeping pad from Coleman. Outside the tent, set up your drink station with this Maelstrom cooler. It holds up to 60 cans of your favorite soda (or hard seltzer), so grab some ice from the grocery store to keep your drinks cool all weekend long! Water (aka the source of all life) is an obvious essential for a three-night-stay in the Coachella Valley desert. Bring at least three of these gallons of water from a tried-and-true brand like Crystal Geyser. Also, for those sunset views from your campsite, be sure to grab at least two folding chairs. This one from REI is so chic and it has a cupholder. You should always be ready for a photo-op at Coachella. Decorate your site with these globe string lights from Amazon are the perfect touch for an aesthetic backdrop.


Pack Baby Wipes, Shower Shoes, & Dry Shampoo

Coachella camping has showers. They may not be as fancy as the new Safari Glamping tents,  but they are functional. Are they sanitary? TBH, not really. Be sure to bring flip flops and get to the showers early in the morning. (We recommend these sandals from Birkenstock) And since it might be cold or dusty, don’t forget to bring baby wipes. They don’t have to be a substitute for a shower but they are a savior if it’s too cold for wet hair before bed. On the other hand, if you don’t wanna deal with washing your hair every night, opt for a dry shampoo to keep your scalp clean and nourished.

No Glass On The Camp Grounds

You’re almost ready for an amazing Coachella camping experience! But wait,  you are planning to pack food and possibly alcohol, right? Of course! Don’t forget a big rule when heading into the Coachella campgrounds: they search all vehicles and do NOT allow glass. Whether it’s a bottle of alcohol or a jelly jar, sorry it’s a no-go. Security doesn’t care and will make you toss it. Here’s a tip, choose the flavor of drink you want to bring and pour it into a large canteen before throwing in it into the cooler. You’re almost set for an incredible Coachella camping adventure!  And remember, for a hassle-free experience, opt for plastic containers to avoid any issues with security. Save yourself some time and money and transfer whatever things you may need into plastic containers like these. ProTip: Pack beer and soda cans instead of bottles.

Don’t Forget Your Charger

Take it from the many people who get stuck at the scarce charging stations around the camping and festival grounds, you do NOT want to forget portable charger! Yes, you can technically charge your phone in your car if you’re car camping, but how many hours can you leave your car running and how many phones can you efficiently charge while at camp? Bring those portable chargers that are cute and colorful and life will be a breeze as you walk around AND charge your phone.

Drink Lots of Water

Please don’t be the person to pass out from dehydration. It’s dangerous to get rushed to the medical tent because you forgot to drink water in between those beers and cocktails. Have fun, drink those margs, but don’t forget to drink plenty of bottles of water. You can even bring a pre-filled waterbottle and fill them up at the camping sites, they will have free & clean refill stations set up. You’ll thank yourself later. Also, be sure to keep a few gallons of water in your car for easy refills. If you’re thinking about bringing alcohol – here’s the gist. You can bring 1 case of beer cans or a box of wine

Bring a Hat & SPF

We hope that you’ve incorporated a chic hat (like this cowgirl hat from Janessa Leoné) into your Coachella look so you can be protected from the sun! But if hats aren’t for you, definitely don’t skip suns creen. This sunscreen from Paula’s Choice has high SPF and will keep your skin beautiful and healthy despite desert rays. And for more outfit inspo, check out our OOTW here.

Protect Yourself From The Dust

Think you’re too cool for a bandana? Or maybe you don’t want to be one of “those” people? BE one of them and bring it with you! With some luck, the wind will be minimal and the grounds won’t be too dusty. But if the wind picks up, having a bandana will prevent you from breathing in dust all weekend.

Bring Cash

Now imagine, it’s the end of Day 2, you’re walking back and you are TIRED. If you bring cash, you can pay a pedicab and get back to your camping spot in no time. You may have to splurge, but it will be worth it. Be sure to keep cash on you in a cute shoulder bag like this one from Jacquemus, or maybe in this Kate Spade wristlet.

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