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Charles Woodson’s Intercept Wine “Big Game” Media Dinner

Who says beer & football go together better than wine and football? NOT US. And certainly not anyone who was present underneath the stars, celebrating Charles Woodson’s ground breaking wine label Intercept Wines on Wednesday. The blends spoke for themselves during the chicest dinner party to grace LA football week. The evening was filled with laughter, ambiance and of course- wine.


Legendary 18 year NFL veteran Charles Woodson hosted media, socialites and sports & wine enthusiasts on Sunset Boulevard to taste and celebrate Intercept Wines. The label and its founder have already made their mark on the “vino industry” hailing Woodson as the first black NFL player to achieve direct-to-retail-distribution, nationally. Guests gushed about the pours, discussed their plans leading up to the big game and were allowed to relax and let loose in anticipation of what is certain to be a booming week in Los Angeles. 


A very chic, intimate dinner party for friends & wine-lovers. The elegant atmosphere was brought to life by cabernet sauvignons, chardonnays, red blends and pinot noirs crafted by wine maker Amanda Gorter. The event was the perfect mid-week way for any LA girl to interact with sports: socially and with stemmed glasses in-hand.  Guests enjoyed three courses that ranged from grilled haloumi, brown butter pewee potatoes, to seared diver scallops and blackberry crisps. A-list Communications produced a dinner party that began with foyer cocktail hour and evolved into a seated meal, where guests could hear Woodson speak about the brand, his gratitude for everyone involved and kick off an exciting week for sports. 


This chic kick off took place at The Eveleigh West Hollywood, a rustic farm-to-table space serving American & European cuisine. Elevated bites like gourmet grilled cheese and pizza floated across the front terrace for cocktail hour before guests were asked to take their seats for the pairings. 


To celebrate the overlap between wine and football! The night was a knod to similarities that Woodson credits to both athletics and wine: “When you watch a game on Sunday, you just see the final output, not all the hard work us players put in the week before, it’s the same with wine. You buy a bottle of wine, you open it, you drink it. -You get to enjoy the final product, but don’t necessarily see all the hard work that was put into it.” The dinner party was cause to pause, savor and appreciate the process. Woodson is off to other culinary events Culinary Kick Off & Taste of The NFL. Exploring more super bowl happenings or wine tasting recommendations? We got you covered.

Photos courtesy of Mattea Linae Photo


Photos courtesy of January Images