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Ceremonia X Ghia Take Los Angeles

Ready for holiday party season?! We had a pre thanksgiving Mexican food chow-down with Ceremonia and we have the scoop on where, who & what to know, including this season’s party hot spots, products & people!


NYC based company, Ceremonia: a clean haircare brand rooted in Latinx heritage, came to the west coast to say hello before the holidays. Guests included Babba Rivera founder of Ceremonia, Ana Flores founder of We Grow Latina, Erika De La Cruz Editor in Chief at The LA Girl,  Bianca Rene Curly Hair Guru and many more. Another notable at this soirée wasn’t a person, but a brand called Ghia, who’s answering the age old holiday party dilemma: “What if I don’t feel like drinking, but I do feel like going out?” Ghia is a non-alcoholic apéritif. It’s very cute, tastes fabulous and most importantly, ensures no one is left out! Consider it if you’re hosting a party this season too. 😉


Salsa dancing class, food, drinks and clean hair care! Spreads of guacamole, quesadillas and more were laid out for guests to enjoy, but the crowd favorite was definitely the salsa class that took place through out the party. Long gone are the days where hosting a gathering involves just martinis and conversation. In 2021, guests look forward to activities that bring them closer together, connect them and break the “stranger barriers,” quicker. Hint: looking to bring the boogie-ing to your next event? Lessons were hosted by LA Dance Fit. It should also be noted that Ceremonia goes beyond healthy hair. Gifts like candles, head pieces, pouches and more will ensure an aesthetic  that compliments its products, perfect for gifting season. 


The event took place at Hotel June, above the pool at Caravan Swim Club. The hotel is located on the Westside and will give you every “cali” vibe. TIP: It’s located very close to LAX, so not only is it beautiful, but is a great recommendation for your  visitors this season. It’s a vibe.


Most of LA is Latin. We say this with pure stats to back it up! So coming together to celebrate a Latin-founded brand for Latina(o)’s everywhere, was something to celebrate! I’m sure you know someone who needs a holiday gift for their next occasion, or maybe it’s you who is planning your indoor home-body (or outdoor socialite) activities for December, we hope this re-cap helps and….. (because we know we’ll get the question: WHERE IS BABBA’S BEAUTIFUL PINK SPARKLY DRESS FROM?) We’ve got you there too: RotateBirgerChristensen. Happy shopping!

Photos, compliments of LA-based photographer Bliss Braoudakis.

Looking to book a photo shoot? Shoulder tap her for some holiday “bliss,” get it?