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Event Recap: Capital One #BankingReimagined Tour

We had an awesome time last week at Capital One’s #BankingReimagined Tour at The Americana at Brand in Glendale. We were able to hang out at the Capital One cafe, go through the tour and get a fun, personalized experience!

You start off with getting some free coffee and snacks and signing up for a personalized card that you’ll need throughout the tour. It saves your information on there and also your email so that they can email you photos, video and info from the tour.

Next, you go over to the large touch screen to go through a questionnaire that figures out your most important goal in the next five years. The questions can be difficult, because sometimes you’re choosing between a dream vacation and buying a house.

Capital One BankingReimagined Tour

After you choose the goal, you get to participate in an augmented reality experience. This is where you put on a headset and see images as if they were real and right in front of you. The staff shows you a technique on how to use your hands during the experience.

Capital One BankingReimagined Tour - Gwen Lane

The next step is to record a video for your future self. You only have six seconds to do it, so you have to make it quick. You have the option of when to send it to yourself via email. It’s pretty cool to get a message from yourself in the future!

After sending your video, you can take a selfie at the photo booth with the background of your choice. You can pick the background that represents your ultimate goal.

Capital One BankingReimagined Tour

Lastly, we sat down with Capital One Money Coach, Megan Lathrop, who took us through an incredible experience! In the Money Coaching session, we talked about money blocks and beliefs, and our future self and goals. After the discussion, we were able to come up with a plan on how to get to where we want to be from where we are now.

Capital One BankingReimagined Tour - Gwen Lane

If you missed out or looking to catch the #BankingReimagined Tour in your city, here are the upcoming tour dates:

San Francisco, CA: February 11-12
Seattle, WA: February 17-18
Denver, CO: February 25-26
Chicago, IL: March 4-5
Miami, FL: March 11-12
Short Pump, VA: March 18-19
Boston, MA: March 25-26
Philadelphia, PA: April 1-2
Austin, TX: April 8-9

For more information on the Capital One #BankingReimagined Tour, visit their website.

We caught the experience on Facebook Live, so if you missed it – you can watch it below:

If you’re not able to catch the tour, you can still get an awesome experience at a Capital One cafe. In Los Angeles, there’s one located in Westwood and one at The Americana at Brand. The cafes are open to everybody and not just Capital One customers.

There’s free wifi, lots of tables and chairs and even meeting rooms, large and small, that anyone can use. There’s even a Peet’s Coffee inside the cafe offering a 50 percent discount to any Capital One customers.

Capital One Cafe - The Americana at Brand

If that doesn’t convince you to come to a Capital One cafe already, there will also be the opportunity for anyone, even non-customers, to see a Money Coach to discuss your financial goals and help you get confident about your relationship with money.

If you are interested in learning how to get more confident about your relationship with money, read our previous post about it here!

This post is sponsored by Capital One, all opinions are our own. Thank you to our incredible sponsors who continue to support The LA Girl!