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Bodega Malbec, Authentic Argentinean Grill: Review

Whether you decide to eat inside or outside, the setting & view at Bodega Malbec will not disappoint. The food is cooked and prepared by an Argentinean chef, so authenticity is in no short supply. The team at The LA Girl discovered that not only are the quality of the dishes filled with flavor but the presentation boosts the desire to taste the food. We received an amicable welcome and service from the owner and staff. Staying in? That won’t be a problem, these can use Uber Eats. Planning a family trip to Universal Studios? Located in Toluca Lake, this is a great restaurant for a date night with your significant other or dinner with your friends and family just minutes from the park. Lastly, what to eat? Here are some recommendations:

Carpaccio De Lomo

Our first appetizer was the Carpaccio De Lomo, which are thinly sliced beef tenderloins, topped with arugula, pieces of cheese, and avocados. The wine accommodated was Anko Torrontes from Argentina, which made a great combination with the meal.

Photo by Solart Photography Studio

Empanadas Criollas

Our second appetizer was the delicious empanadas with meat. If you are vegetarian and wondering what you can eat, don’t worry, they have an appetizer for you too. You can order your empanadas with spinach and cheese. Pro Tip: order both options because they are equally delicious and you will not be disappointed.

Photo by Solart Photography Studio


The last appetizer served for the night was the Pulpo (octopus) served with potatoes. It was an interesting but tasteful combination. You are probably asking how they make the octopus and potatoes. Well, the potatoes are steamed, which creates a crunch sound when you bite into it. The Patagonian octopus is grilled from the moment you order, and the wine rosémade a nice complementary piece to the meal.

Photo by Solart Photography Studio

Raviolis al Aglio 

If you are a big fan of pasta then you are going to love their Raviolis al Aglio. They are stuffed rectangular pasta filled with mushrooms that melt in your mouth. If you are vegetarian and don’t know what to order, this is one of the best main dishes available.

Photo by Solart Photography Studio

Entraña A La Parrilla

Their most popular dish is the wood fired grilled natural skirt steak. After tasting it, I understand why it’s popular. The steak also came with yuca and the remolacha y pera salad that consists of arugula, red beets, roasted pears, toasted almonds, and blue cheese. The meal was accompanied with the wine, Teho Malbec.

Photo by Solart Photography Studio