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How to Do Black Friday in LA

Black Friday is the busiest shopping day of the year! It’s a great time to stock up on holiday gifts for friends and families (and maybe a little something for yourself as well). Below are all the tips to know to tackle this big day in LA, plus check out a list of all the great deals locally and online on our favorite shop’s Black Friday Deals List

Research Ahead of Time

Heading into Black Friday without a game plan? Rookie mistake. Make a list of what you want to score and scour the internet for any applicable sales. Channel your inner “Monica” and map out your route – you’ll want to stay off the road as much as possible so start at the furthest store and work your way home.

Black Friday in LA

Spread Out Your Shopping

Gone are the days when Black Friday meant 6am-noon shopping – retailers are expanding their hours! While we’d prefer to keep Thanksgiving shopping-free, you can hit local boutiques on Small Business Saturday or stay in your PJs and shop on Cyber Monday.- Black Friday is now an entire long weekend!

Black Friday in LA

Subscribe to Newsletters

Spam e-mail from brands is annoying 364 days of the year, but for Black Friday be sure to refresh your mail app – companies will often e-mail out exactly what’s going on sale, offer additional discounts, or give away freebies. BONUS: Figure out what you want or need ahead of the day with a real list, like that dress you’ve been eyeing or the TV you need in the living room and see where they’ll be on sale in advance!

Black Friday in LA

After all of that shopping, take some much-needed “me time” and unwind with a drink!

Time To Dominate!

With your new game plan in check, use our ultimate guide to your favorite shop’s Black Friday deals, and maybe even something special for all you LA locals.