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The Ultimate Guide to Spring in LA

Say hello to warmer weather! Yes, the time has come…it’s Spring in LA. And we don’t know about you, but we can’t wait for more sunshine and to see those cheerful flowers bloom. But you’ve got to remember, Spring is also a time where we get to squeeze in some Spring Break vacay time. Need some suggestions, well you’re swiping in the right place. We’ve rounded up some close to home adventures in Hollywood, Santa Monica, and even further down south in San Diego, to get in all the feels of a true Spring Break.

Flower Fields

With all this rain, there’s no doubt flowers are going to be absolutely stunning this year. Living in LA, our options to catch all the blooming action around SoCal are endless. Here are a few floral adventures we love. The Carlsbad flower fields will take your breath away, a walk in the botanical gardens in Pasadena will get you grounded and connected to nature, and finally, the poppy views across Temecula are a cool sight to see as you kick off Spring.

Just Beachin’

Ok yes, we’re a little spoiled with our beach options here in LA (but its why we live here). There is no day quite like a beach day. You can relax, you can read, you can swim, you can probably even work on your laptop right on the sand (but who really wants to do that on vacation?). But let’s see if we can shake up your beach day routine for Spring? Stay with us. Right now is a great time to spot whales in the ocean. So, book a tour at sea, or get up close and personal to marine life with a jetski ride from Long Beach to Catalina. Trust us, it’s not that far. Then, to finish off the day, enjoy a yummy meal with an even yummier view at a beachside restaurant. There you have it. Your beach day just went from ordinary to extraordinary!

Party Mode

From festival headliners to local favorites, LA is packed with DJs to bring the heat and to bring out that party girl that lives inside all of us. Yeah, it’s no secret that LA nightlife booms every weekend. But, we get it…it can be tough to choose a concert, festival, or club that will give you the ultimate LA music and nightlife experience. Here are a few options we love. 

Recharge your Battery

Sometimes we just need to take some time for recovery during Spring Break. Luckily, health and wellness is HUGE in LA, plus it’s a bonus that we’ve got the best weather to help with that. So if you want to slow down during Spring, there’s a few ways to do it. We suggest, booking some time at Hotel Figueroa in DTLA. They just unveiled a new Rest & Recovery Suite with the hottest sleep and fitness amenities. Cool huh? If you want just a day of recharging, there are plenty of spas and wellness centers to get you reconnected. So sit back, and relax….you’re in LA!

Drinks Anyone?

Oh yes, we saved the best for last people! Kickstart Spring Break party vibes at a bar. Forgive me, a ROOFTOP bar. Warm California weather is the perfect place to enjoy drinks and apps with friends overlooking the LA skyline. And we’ve got a list for any kind of mood. From bars that have a DJ spinning, to spots with a low key hipster feel. Honestly, you can’t go wrong with our picks, because it’s the views that what will do it for you. Check out the hottest rooftop bars here.

Photos courtesy of 1 Hotel West Hollywood

OK, now that you’ve found your Spring Adventure spot…get the most epic photos of it! Here are the best photographers in LA to help you do just that.